5 Steps to Discover Your Intuitive Guide

In Being an Intuitive blog post, Nid shared how her intuition had improved her life and the journey taken with it. We have also begun providing workplace wellbeing workshops and Nid's 'Decisions for Alignment' workshop in Toronto was based on this work.

Here are some of the steps to help you deepen your intuition taken from these workshops and Nid's private work in her Intuition for Better Choices program

Here are 4 over-arching steps to take you through deepening your intuition. To develop your intuition is work with the subtle senses for a larger awareness of the world around and within you. Some people have strong moments of instinct and others it takes more perseverance. 

(1) Develop your intuition where you feel it the strongest and easiest

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Pick where and when you feel most connected to a state of 'flow'. You want this to be a regular situation that you have a degree of control over so that you can practice and compare your shifts. Keep this situation simple and with fewer people. 

When in that situation, look at your emotions, energy levels, clarity of thought and how connected you feel before, during and after. Check into a state of 'presence' as though you are witnessing the moment like a fly on the wall. Use these readings of your inner body to guide your words, actions and decisions in that situation. See what makes you feel more ease and what feels more restrictive. 

As you practice in this situation, you will begin to notice a sense of space between you and the situation. This is where the intuitive sparks reside.

(2) Learn about intuitive senses


You can learn about intuition through science, meditation, yogic subtle bodies, fascia bodywork and Reiki healing, and much more. This will deepen your intellectual understanding and logical reasoning for what you are experiencing. This is not necessary but might help you build trust in what happens. Be open to discussions about unusual and strange experiences of life and the world, what alternative senses could be at play in those circumstances?


If you do not have access to people who support this perception, then paying for support of a guide, like a mentor or coach, will reinforce your learning and build your confidence.  It is important to have someone that you can openly speak to without judgment, is authentic, empathetic and might help you question your direction.

The purpose of this learning is to prompt you further into your self-discovery with the enthusiasm and motivation that sometimes is hard to muster when you are alone on this path. Accounting to someone for your practice will reinforce your commitment to this new balance. 


(3) Practice, practice and practice

Like any skill, intuition is something that you can cultivate with practice. Key things to do for this practice include:

  1. Quiet the mind with a twice-daily meditation practice - morning and night. 
  2. Clear the subconscious with regular yoga nidra practices. Find some here. 
  3. Gently move the body and explore sensations as you move - how do they feel? Allow this morning and night to get to know what you start and end the day within your body. Are the feelings you or someone else's stuff for that day? 

(4) Take Yourself Outside

When you begin to feel confident in your regular intuition then take yourself into larger groups. Test yourself in situations with people you know less well or places that you find a little more stressful.

Can you identify who triggered something without you even speaking or connecting with them? Do you know during your day when you 'pick something up' from another person? 

Then go into nature and try it out with animals, plants and the natural surrounds. It is amazing what you might begin to sense. 

(5) Set your boundaries

You do not have to take on what you 'pick up' from others. A large part of what you receive and read from others is within your control. You must be disciplined as to what you allow to 'permeate your membrane' or your auric field. 

  1. Take 2 minutes in the morning to visualise a field of energy around you, filled with what colours will support you today. 
  2. Notice your mood and energy for the day as you do this. 
  3. Decide and set a clear intention for how much you will allow 'in' today. 
  4. Connect back to this throughout your day to ensure that you are upholding your boundaries. 

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