Dream to Heal through Love

What is your heartfelt mission? What is your life's purpose? Common questions that we ask our clients to answer. But if I am honest I found these questions mostly impossible for much of my life.  How did I get to a purposeful and intentional life? Why is it so important anyway?

My Heartfelt Mission


I remember as a toddler my dream was to be Mother Theresa and heal people with loving kindness. I would dance and sing around in my own world of magical beings and experiences. This was the world that I wanted to live in and my purpose to spread this love and joy to others. 

Somehow it got lost by 7 years old and years of depression, workaholism and behaving appropriately in society found me unravelled. When asked about my goals at 30, I would answer "The intellectual pursuit of my work and commercial application in solving the technical problems of law and emerging technologies in music licensing." I had no purpose or interest in purpose.  I was lost and going nowhere. No amount of panic attacks, suicide attempts or divorce had awoken me from this purposeless life.

After my head injury, I met myself naked. Faced with a body and mind that at that time did not function 'normally' and no idea what would become of me, who was I? I was that little girl who believed in kindness and helping others. This was my heartfelt mission. 

Living with Intention

I decided to make my head injury purposeful in my life. I was going to engage with living my life fully and contribute back to the world.

In 2014, I began Omega Movement as an occupational therapist's suggestion for my return to work project. I had an intention for this project - to create an open-minded and fun collaboration of sharing mind-body movement and how it can help live a more well life. 

Not my sole income I committed a lot of time and energy to Omega Movement. I explored building a local community in Hackney Wick (my then home) and how to collaborate with other teachers beyond traditional models. I loved the co-teach workshops that we delivered.  I was also willing to let go of the business at any time. Unattached to the outcome or that it need to be the only delivery of this new purpose in my life. My intentions were genuine, but not aligned to what made me happiest (I knew I didn't want to live in London), so my choices led to decisions that lacked a larger purpose. 

Discovering Purposeful Action



Sometimes purpose and value get mixed up in busy lives and cities that are expense. A conscious choice to live with less money, my work for retreats massively reduced my income and provided me with the wealth of time and amazing connections with others.  I value my life in such a different way now - I value being in the moment with people and our experiences for their richness. Nature fills me with so much awe and love. I see magic all around me. I want to share this with others, there is a purpose behind my retreats and how to keep a retreat alive inside of you. 

I decided to make Omega Movement my sole source of income and express myself truly through it. To commit fully to my heartfelt desire and intention for my life and business. How exciting! People ask me what is my focus, how do I market this, who is my market, etc etc? Hmmm...my brain whizzes, I feel the pressure of earning to live in the city and 'getting a job'. 

Back to my heart. That heartfelt mission and intention for sharing with others a well and joyful life comes back to me. Sit in the space of this heartfelt mission. Be in love with life. Follow a loving path. From here see what arises. That is my action. My next step. 

The Need for Purpose

Humans have a basic need to have a purpose in life. It helps bring you to the present moment. To connect with others in sharing experiences. To feel loved and loving. To have a purpose creates positivity and a more enjoyable life. Purpose does not have to feel spiritual or connected to a larger faith, but this is often the easiest approach. What is important to living with a purpose:

  • Connection with others
  • That it is something that you can experience in the moment
  • That you plug in to as a feeling at any time
  • It navigates your life

Whether I have a clearly marketed service to offer, or what kind of success Omega Movement or I become is not important to me. As I speak to coaches, colleagues and those that inspire me I notice that I am not eager to jump onto the 'here is my USP'. For those waiting to see what I become...

I have arrived. And I've already left. I am always changing.  I have a vast array of skills and knowledge. I have lived a rich range of life experiences already. I am ready to relax and enjoy the ride. How I serve my dream to heal through love can only unfold in the moment. Every moment is a new connection, the new lesson, the message that needs to be conveyed. I cannot be bound by this falsity of a perception. My purpose threads through all of this. 

Omega Movement is a brand of collaboration. It respects the never-ending cycle of the mind, body and spirit that interact in living a purposeful life. It is the eternal soul that reincarnates to move through life experiences. An agent of supporting change; and change will never cease. The only answer is to be in love. In love with life and who you are for this life. This is where I am. This guides my actions. This is how I live my purpose.