Why connect with Toronto?

I have a love affair with Toronto and Canadians. Canadians are the most loved Anglican travellers. Always perceived as nice, open, appreciative, fun and easy going: I agree! I am super excited about coming back to Toronto this August!

Canadian Connections

I made my first Canadian friends when I was 18  - a band in Bristol and some girls I travelled with in Australia. They were all from Toronto and I just loved them. At 19 I went to spend a month in Toronto and enjoyed the cosmopolitan life without the craziness of New York or London.  On that trip I felt a calling to have a home in Toronto in some manner.


Over the years there were many more Torontonians I met, but the next to stand out was Kathryn. We trained for our STOTT PILATES matwork together in London – she had a fun playful energy. We hit it off and within 4 months had established Omega Movement together. Alas, our time was short as she moved back to Toronto with her new husband (after I introduced them).

My recent travels have been blessed with many more Canadians and the majority were from Toronto. I notice that they are always gentle and kind people with a deep love of the outdoors and nature. I feel a pull of a home that I need to visit again. So, I decided I should come back. To reconnect with many wonderful souls and a part of my spirit.

Realign for Joyful Living Series

Three of the wonderful people I met in Nicaragua are from Toronto. My co-creators of the Realign for Joyful Living Series of workshops this August, we love to share and bring our passions to others. Each with our own individual challenges to learn how to live in health and happiness, we know that to share this together is more powerful than alone.



Julian with SUP on Friday

Julian loves to connect people back to nature in Toronto by taking them out onto the lakes. He values the importance of working with nature to connect inwards. His gentle and fun presence lifts the energy of others without pushing them. He is a true elevator of energy – something I see often with water lovers.

This is a fun collaboration about how movement of your inner energy can change your emotions. The alignment comes from a warm up to get in touch with your body’s sensations and emotions about the Stand-up Paddleboard. You then get onto the water and have some exploration of movements on the board. This is followed by a meditation to build awareness of the emotional shifts. A simple yet powerful way to see how our energy in motion changes our emotions.

Lunch is provided for everyone and gives an opportunity for the 2 groups to meet and share. It also highlights the importance to us all about nutrition in our lives.


Nutrition Talks with Megan and Saida

I love to work with nutritionists for a holistic approach of the body and sense work I do. The cleaner your diets the cleaner the messages you receive from your body about what you need.

Saida of The Wellness Refinery in Sauble leads Saturday’s session on how food affects your choices. She is knowledgeable, sensitive and driven – an awesome combination. Her pop up is a storming success and she will be bringing her beautiful inspirations for healthy ideas to fill your bellies.

Megan leads Sunday’s session about what your food cravings really mean. She is adorable, playful energy of fun and kindness. Mischief means she knows how to make naughty health choices, so she has some great tricks to keep being mindful of your food choices when in a tricky moment. 

The lunches made by them together will be nutritious and tasty and are included in the workshops. Topics of the talks are:

1.     How food affects your choices. This covers how certain foods can affect your mood, focus, sleep, ability to make decisions, and much more.

2.     What your food cravings really mean. This discussion looks at what your body is really asking for when you crave popcorn or ice-cream. What substitutes will be better for you to meet your body’s needs.


My Part: Movement and Meditation

Over 3 days we will be sharing these 4 hour workshops to inspire people to realign to their inner joy. Each workshop brings an aspect on how you constantly adjust to live in your alignment with joy.

Friday contains some gentle mind-body movements and a meditation practice.  There are 2 sessions for morning or afternoon. Lunchtime is shared with the two groups so people can meet and connect.

Saturday’s Pilates and yoga nidra focus on the use of opposites in the body and mind. These polarities create strength and stability, which unite to form blissful feelings. I will show you some of the ways that you can develop this practice to balance your contrasting feelings. 

Yoga on Sunday shares decisions and where they come from. This practice will offer opportunities for your ego to push or limit you. Exploration where you feel safe and supported is vital and this space will empower you to give it a try – less or more, listen to your body. 

Catch me in Toronto

It’s going to be awesome to see friendly faces and help me connect to ‘Is Toronto one of my homes?

If you want to join the workshops, please check out details here. 

If you can’t make the workshops, but can make Toronto 14-19 August, then send me a message. I’m even doing some privates for those in the quick request group.  

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