The Energy Exchange of Possessions

Energy in our physical possessions is very powerful. When we exchange our items we are exchanging energy contained within that possession. My sister and I are both relocating from the UK and with a lot of possessions, we agreed to attend a car boot sale in London. They are chaotic, busy, friendly and the salt of the earth Londoners making their way. It was not an environment for vibrational energy discussions at the point of sale. 

Early Morning Craziness

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The planning and sorting for clearing both of our 2 bedroom properties is not something to be taken lightly. After 2 days of sifting, sorting and carrying boxes we wake at 5 am to drive to a back road in east London.

Within a few minutes of sitting in the car waiting to enter, the man sorting the cars is already trying to buy my jewellery out of my car window. This is going to be interesting. 

I pull the car into the primary school and before we have even opened the car boot we have 5 or 6 men grabbing and pulling things from our boxes and inside the car to see what they can buy from us. As my sister negotiates with men grabbing electronics and our 'high value' items I am trying to unload the car fighting men away from me and the car. 

The first hour is crazy and cash is everywhere. There is no personal space and hands grabbing everywhere. She tells me the only thing it is like is being in India. It is too chaotic to have time for worry or issues, you just barter and haggle and money moves quickly. 

Getting into Something Deeper

By 8:30 am I have constructed our terrible rails and unpacked the car. There is a steady flow of people constantly asking and perusing our things. They are tradespeople looking for a bargain that they can make a profit on. They do not value the items save for their profit. They are fun and laugh a lot with us. We like the tradespeople as they are interested in learning about what they might buy to understand the market they might sell to. It is interesting to talk to them and they joke lots. 

After 9 am the 'normal' people begin to come in. It is sad to have someone bargain with you over 20p for an item or they say "I've heard of that yoga thing" and they tell me what they know. I am intrigued. This is so far from my luxury world of working on retreats. I am prompted by what is important to me - to make healing and wellbeing accessible to all. 

I start reading some people's auras as I observe them interact with our things. I notice a lot of serious energetic pain around the heart chakra. So little love is walking around this place. There are some wonderful moments too - like the man who bought an item to discover it made a perfect gift for his niece. He was so full of love at that moment and his energy lifted so high when he came back to tell me. These little moments were so beautiful to connect to. 

There were also moments of my own letting go. Why were some random items so hard to accept a low price to sell? 

Clear Your Energy to See Clearly

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Home at 3 pm. Wiped. Unable to think, my body aches from 3 days of stairs, boxes, lifting, carrying, pulling, packing, standing and sitting. 

I begin the cleansing process. To remove this day with a bath, Palo Santo smudging, self Reiki healing and theta sound healing session. I feel such sadness and cry. But I am not sad. I feel fine in me. I feel the sadness of the people I met.

I realise they took many items attached to sad times in my life. Those really sad people took the items purchased in my sad moments.  Then items from happier times made people very happy as they purchased them. 

Energy Vibrations in Physical Things

Possessions carry the vibration that they are made with. In large-scale manufacturing, this is often soulless. It is why you really love something handmade and especially from someone you love. You purchase something at the level at which you are vibrating - a feeling of restriction will purchase something that makes you feel that restriction. It reflects back your vibration and where you are emotionally at the time you purchase it. 

As you pass things on to others they connect into this vibration too. The vibration remains active unless you make a conscious intention to clear and change it. The same applies for things you keep as you keep the old vibrations active in your presence. They are always triggering the old habits unless you change the item's vibration or get rid of it. 

Clearing Vibrations on Your Stuff

If you're not a minimalist, and most of us aren't, then really think about the stuff in your home. It carries vibrations that perhaps no longer serve you. It keeps vibrations active that can hold you back. Clear out your things regularly to ensure that they are the vibrations you want to live.

Ideally, if you really must keep something then cleanse it. If you can be a kind human being, even cleanse the items before you give or sell them. We do not want to pass on these vibrations if they are not positive for others either. 

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How to cleanse items?

Set an intention to clear the item of all past energies, and then do one of the following: 

  1. Smudging with sage or Palo Santo are great as discussed in this post, but the smell might not be ideal for selling clothes or items covered in fabrics. 
  2. Place a healing crystal and gemstone on the item that you wish to cleanse.
  3. Leave the item (and your crystals or gemstones) under moonlight or sunlight to clear the energies for several hours. 
  4. Spritz the item with water infused with sea salt (preferably Himalayan) for cleansing properties.
  5. Ask Ganesh (the God who removes obstacles) to help you release anything that does not serve you in these items. 

Omega Movement can help you

We support you with energy clearing and balance in 2 ways:

  1. Reiki healing is a great way to clear the energy of yourself and your space. Contact us to find out how we can support you with this. 
  2. Our Soul Realignment package includes energy clearing for your home that takes you to the next level of good vibrations. 


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