Moon Dancer Yoga Nidra for Creativity

Our new yoga nidra is out this week and this one is designed for increasing creativity and flow in choices. We thought you might like to know the why we did and what the benefits will be from making this a regular practice for the next month.

What are the benefits of this yoga nidra?

As explained in the Yoga Nidra Balances Your Brain blog post, the practice is about clearing the subconscious and unconscious minds to change your conscious experience. All of these general benefits will be found in this yoga nidra too. The specific benefits in its design include:

  • Balancing yin and yang energies with opposites of sensation and visualisation imagery,
  • Supportive of the inner journey,
  • Acceptance of your darkness,
  • Discovery of your own light,
  • Fluidity for an easier flow in life,
  • Shifting perspective to see other options and potential solutions, and
  • Witness the Divine connection of body and spirit.

Why we created this yoga nidra?

Inspired by an experience that Nid witnessed this journey reminded her of the flow through life. There is an endless fluidity in a dancing movement of all three-dimensional shapes that the body can make. Movement is not a three-dimensional experience but impacts all aspects and levels of your mind, energies and soul. It connects you from this manifested reality to the universal connection of all life.

Life is a dance of opposite energies to cultivate and explore without attachment to the shape. A dance is never the same and impossible to fully capture its essence. Like life – no moment is ever the same.

Moments change because there are endless possibilities. When your body dances there are unlimited potentials of how the movement is sensed in the body, energy is moved through the body and into the outer world, the mind consciously and unconsciously controls the neuromuscular patterns. When you experience your movements in this way you see the endless possibilities and wealth of opportunities that you can live at any moment. 

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