Grabbing Sunsets: Yoga Nidra & Yoga Sequence

As I travel west around the world I am chasing sunsets. I just love them. I created a physical yoga practice and yoga nidra practice to support this love of sunsets to share the benefits I have found in my sunset practices.

5 reasons why sunsets are great:

  1. Sunsets remind me of the beauty in the day
  2. They engender gratitude for what the day brought.
  3. I stop and take 10 minutes to watch the beautiful colours of the lower three chakras go to rest for the night.
  4. It lowers my energy down from my head and connects me back to earth for a restful night.
  5. A sunset encourages letting go and allows me to create space for new adventures and solutions in life.

Yoga Practice Sequence

To salute the sunset I devised a practice that reflects these qualities in movement for me. This practice can be done at sunset or in your evening to unwind from an active day. Having practised this with the sunset in different countries I found it kept me balanced and built an inner respect for the grace that can be found in the lessons of the day.

Be mindful of any injuries and modifications that are best for your body as you enjoy the practice.

Yoga Nidra Practice

This yoga nidra was developed without knowledge of my future to chase sunsets, but was a long time of building my new reality. The practice can be challenging for the visualisation elements. It removes subconscious mental blocks so that you can open creative thinking and discover your solutions.

Enjoy them and let the sunset on any old ways. Welcome creation of new things into your life.  

Check out our Sunset playlist on our YouTube page