Turning My life upside down

In our last retreat, a question arose about sharing deeply personal stories, such as my depression story. In some ways, I am very raw about what I share in my blog posts and in other ways, I am deeply personal. There have been huge shifts in my life since April this year, and a massive life decision that few know about.  Here is a huge personal shift... 

A New ‘Home’

From September 2018, I am relocating my ‘home’ to Australia. I will still travel for retreats but I will have a new base. I love to be free. To travel is a freedom for me and I get itchy feet easily, so I will not stay there all year around. The intention is to balance my dream of living across the Americas for their nature, with European summers for culture and family, and Australian winters for their approach to wellbeing. 


I admit there is not much of a plan...if any! My wanderlust these past 18 months showed me that when I surrender to the flow of life it works much better for me. I know this is one of those times where there is no job, apartment or plan for me - but it’s going to be beyond my dreams good for me! 

When I left the UK I was in search of two things: to heal fully and find a home - both inside myself and externally. I was in the perfect paradise in Sri Lanka when I just felt the call to a change. Something had shifted for me in Australia and it was clear what I wanted to pursue - traditional cultural healing modalities integrated into modern lives in an accessible way. 

A community is important to us all as it is core to human nature. The nomadic life introduces you to a worldwide web of connected souls, a truly international community that I love wholeheartedly. You discover how interconnected the world is when you literally 'bump' into a friend walking down the street in another hemisphere! We all desire this local connection, and I do miss the Hackney Wick community classes that we built. I desire to provide something local again yet find a way to bring it to the global community too. Retreats have enabled my online clients to have this opportunity, so I must grow this path.  

Busy Doing or Being?

It left me with a summer of more time in Europe. I have time to connect with people properly and it is a blessing to enjoy family and friends for longer. I love this sense of just being with others. I enjoy the deep connections we make and amazing insights and wisdom people share. It is beautiful. 

But there are a lot of admin and things to do to make this new life a reality. Big life changes come with long lists of tasks. Never phased by admin as it is just doing it is easy to fall into old habits now I am back in Europe. Big changes require many baby steps - like my baby steps towards a handstand post, so one step at a time is the approach. 

Yet, I must balance being and doing for this to work. Time to set some healthy boundaries to get stuff done, but prioritise the most important thing in my life: time to connect with others.  This strategy helps me:

  • Daily 4 hours of 'laptop time'. My life is fluid between what is work or personal life now, so it is 4 hours of 'laptop' activities. 
  • Deadlines that are beyond my control must be met
  • To provide where other people rely or depend on me for something to happen that is important to us both, or our relationship
  • Prioritise steps to manifest my dreams
  • No more than 5 productive items per day, ideally 3 - need time to breathe!
  • One deep and full connection daily minimum
  • Time for my play on my mat
  • My daily tarot card guides me as to what energy I need for the day

Connection and Money 

This is my Achilles heel. Money is my freedom. Once I spent it on shoes and now I spend it on flights and trains. I left the UK with only £1,500 in my bank and I decided to let my value be discovered. I realised that I was worth amazing experiences!  The secret? I trusted myself to know what was right when it came along, provided I just stopped 'trying'.  I had faith that my value would be recognised and I would receive all that I needed. It worked. 



Now faced with at least 3 months of changing bed weekly I note a slight apprehension. I must be disciplined to keep centred and focused

I come back to why I am making this change in my life: To deeply connect with others in my healing way -  my online programs and retreats.

To support others in their healing is a connection I am endlessly amazed by. We always connect for a reason, whether we know it consciously or not. My last two retreats of 50-75% return clients shows that I am building this amazing worldwide community. 

My intuition, knowledge, experience and wisdom are worth a high price. I must respect myself and be clear that what I offer is bespoke deep healing that changes lives for the better.

This high energy exchange is worth well valued in money. No different from education, health or social care - I live in a world of money that pays for services and I cannot escape this reality. Some things you recognise a monetary exchange to pay and others you do not. I did not value my own wellbeing and healing highly enough until I lost it. I promise you that when your health, career and wellbeing escapes you, money becomes irrelevant to the quality of your life. Invest in your wellbeing and shine yourself bright! 

My Creations Manifest

For several months I have been brewing new online programs to work with people around the world. It is time for me to be brave and share.  Below are the brief summaries of some programs already in soft launch phases and others that are new. 

To get the special 'launch' offers, sign up to the Omega Movement - Nid Personal email list and be the first to hear! 

Retreats in November 2018, May 2019, June 2019 & September 2019 to be announced in the coming months too!

Integral Business Mentoring

Due to growing demand from my community, I have formalised this offer that has already supported other businesses to success.  Whatever your business I am open to support you. 

I offer my unique ability to creatively problem solve commercial ideas and intuitively read you to ensure business growth in a way that matches your integrity and values.  Where appropriate I provide support materials for your business to help you grow aligned with who you are and what you want. 

Get a FREE initial 20 minute consultation to find out how I can help you.  

Meditation for Intuition 

A popular option for my private clients is to deepen their intuition to help make decisions. A simple refresh or starting tool to getting you aligned on your path. 

This 3-hour simple program mentors you through bespoke meditation and yoga nidra practices to reconnect you with your intuition. You will discover how to put the practices into your daily life so it is not 'one more thing to your list'. 

Soul Realignment 

Profile reading of your soul to uncover your karmic restrictions that are holding your current life back! This takes an open mind, but like getting your stars read it has a lot of truth that will resonate when you receive the reading.

You will learn about what makes your soul shine, what choices are limiting your life and discuss steps to move forward from these old patterns. Proactive solutions in 2 hours of discussion. 

Discover Your Energy Pack 

For those with good discipline and a strong practice, this is a 4-hour offering to see how you can deepen your practice further. This is ideal if you have a specific 'level up' intention in your life and would like your mind, body and energy to support the change in your life. 

Initially with an energy healing, I 'read' what your body seeks to support you. Then I develop a yoga, Pilates, and meditation practice that supports this reading. I provide you with each practice in written form and an hour online training for each to go through the sequences. You are then left to practice on your own! 

Transformations Program

Now through its full completion since launch in January, this is a fully personalised and bespoke program designed for you. This program  supports and empowers you to get clear with changes in life, whether through your choice or not.  Has supported those through career changes, grief and long-term health issues. 

Intuitively led over 4 months you are provided with a folder of bespoke materials for your needs and intentions to be fulfilled. With 2 hours per month we mix and match to your needs and timetable. This is not a heavy homework program, unless you want it to be!

8 Steps to Freedom 

Fast gaining popularity - this program works on the removal of a specific 'bad habit'. Through the use of the yoga yama and niyamas we design your program to shift your attitudes, actions and behaviours that keep you in the old grind.  This is not a physical practice, but an aspect of yoga that is about how your internal world interacts with your external world.

I developed this and used it to aid my final healing with depression. Its logical structure is comforting to follow. In its final stages of presentable format, more will be announced soon!