What is Karma?

'Karma made me do it' on a t-shirt, but what does that mean? In a world of awakening where we see more people choosing a conscious life, we must be clear about what we are creating in this experience. Karma is vital to this new awakening of conscious living. 

Definition of 'Karma'

"The energetic quality that you put out will come back to you." 



'Energetic quality' is the quality of your choice in your experience. This means that when you act out of obligation you get back more obligation. If you act out of unconditional love you receive more unconditional love. From a feeling perspective - how you feel when you undertake an act is the feeling you will get back from another situation. 

Good karma is what makes you feel good. This may not apply in the same way for everyone as we are all unique and seek different pleasures, thankfully! 

Bad karma arises when we act from negative feelings. It will bring us more negative feelings back into our life. 

You must know what are good and bad feelings when you make decisions to create a life of good karma for you. 



Neutrality of Karma

Karma is a neutral mechanism that is always on. It is in your every choice in every moment of your day. It makes your choices your consequences in your life experience.

This means that you must be conscious of why you make each choice and be deliberate in your actions to create what you want. 

The consequences are not immediate and sometimes can feel quite slow. This means that when you change your karma to make only good karma in your life, there is a period of 'mopping up' your old bad karma.


Change Your Karma

Things will pop up from your bad karma and you have to consciously change your reaction to the new good karma actions. When I consciously decided to change some of my bad karma I have seen it take 18 months to clear some of the really deep rooted choices that I carried from my old life.

This required a great deal of patience, forgiveness, acceptance and compassion of my old self. 

  1. Conscious and deliberate mind-body attention to your physical and mental sensations - thoughts, emotions, pains, etc. Use our intuition meditation to help you uncover what is a yes or no feeling for your experience.

  2. Follow your body's guide for only 'yes' or good feelings when you act and make choices.

  3. Notice your thoughts, feelings & sensations - can you change them to feel good? If not, find something more general that makes you feel good in this situation.

  4. Act from feeling good in the decision so the choice carries quality positive vibes in the karma.

  5. Show compassion when your bad karma comes up. Acknowledge it as a lesson to not make again.

  6. Keep the cycle of good feelings and positive vibrations in all your decisions and choices.

  7. Be patient. It will change!

Support to Change your Karma?

You love this idea, but still feel a little lost? Our Soul Realignment program is specifically designed to reveal how you created your bad karma and change your choices for a more joyful and fulfilled life. 

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