Soul Realignment to Change Your Karma

Through understanding why certain choices create bad karma for you and not others, we can begin to deliberately create an experience of life that is joyful and fulfilling for each of our uniqueness. Soul Realignment accesses your soul's information in the Akashic Records to guide you into making better life decisions and changing your karma. 

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What is the Akashic Record? 

Think a giant database of all our souls and all our decisions in all the lifetimes of our souls - like a cloud server of all your thoughts, feelings, events and life choices. It holds the karma that we carry through all of our lives. When you do not resolve karma in one life then you carry it into the next one. 

Like a database you ask it questions, but you must be specific. It only answers in yes, no, maybe. Strict protocols and frame of reference is vital for the modality to obtain clear answers. When unravelling negative karmic patterns the practitioner must use logic to uncover the detail of the pattern. The balance of creativity with rational problem solving satisfies both aspects of the brain. 

The Soul's Alignment


First, we must know your soul at it's origination: Soul's Divine Blueprint. This shows us your Divine gifts and what makes you shine. Whether you are a builder, a communicator or visionary will be in this part of the process. 

Then we look at where your soul is at currently. It tells us how many negative choices you are currently making. Where on your spiritual path you have progressed to and what you need to do for the next best level of experience in this life. 

Finally, we look at the current negative choices that are holding you back from your fullest true expression.  These are negative karma patterns for your soul. We review the patterns you are in that deprive you of energy and clarity. These may originate in your past life or present life choices. 

Realignment of Your Soul

To realign to your Divine Soul Blueprint at it's origination is the goal. This will give you the most energy, clarity and joy in your life. This means to change your karma and embrace your gifts!

We agree the new actions that you need to take to change your bad karma. What to focus on to create good karma and how to balance your old karmic patterns. There is homework, but what is tricky is the implementation of change in your choices and life patterns. 

A month later we have a check-in about these changes. Where you may still be struggling and options to further clear out what is holding you back e.g. the energy of your home might be holding your 'old' choices and needs clearing. Perhaps review key relationships that you wish to heal for the better of both involved. 

Why I love this

There is a conscious awakening on our planet. An energetic shift of healing has begun and we are each responsible for our own part in this. We must live in our happiest vibrations to bring others and the world into higher vibrations. We can only do this through the action of healing our karma as individuals. 

Soul Realignment is about changing your life for the better through healing your bad karma. You must choose and action this positive physical living experience for yourself.  When you recognise your gifts as unique and share them with others you empower yourself to make better choices for yourself and fulfil your life's purpose. 

I love alignment! So, this modality resonated strong with me when I discovered it. To find alignment in all the dimensions of our experience is a gift and one that we should all have access to enjoy. 

Soul Realignment is a specific modality designed by Andreea Hess to access the Akashic Records and uncover what is currently preventing you from living your dream. I love the mixture of intuitive work with logical application - a perfect yin-yang balance. 

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