Foam Roller for Spinal Length

Most people discover a foam roller to 'roll their IT Band' - a painful form of fascia work. However, the foam roller can do so much more magic than this!  The trick is to move slowly throughout the ranges of movements and discover the stabilising muscles in your body to balance you. 

We wanted to share a simple at home workout designed to reconnect you back into your core and show you more of what this great prop can do!

Roller Puppy.jpg

Benefits of Foam Roller Workouts

There are far more benefits that you will discover from your own practice on the foam roller, but here are some simple reasons why you should start training on a roller:

  1. Increased core strength to stay balanced
  2. Improved movement co-ordination
  3. Better range of motion as you work from your 'neutral' spine
  4. Decreased risk of injury as you become more stable
  5. Stress reduction - stay calm on the roller or you roll off!
  6. Deepens mind-body connection - you really have to concentrate on what you're doing not to fall off!

Who is this great for? 

Everyone! We would say that! If you have any of the following then this is a MUST try for you:

  1. Back issues & pain - perhaps you struggle with Pilates and all the tiny muscles talked about? It gets your mind into the body because you need to
  2. Tight chest muscles - opens the pectorals from a neutral spine so your chest really releases and not your thoracic spine
  3. Pelvic Rotation - especially if you cross your legs this is great for you to level the pelvis 
  4. Runners & cyclists - prevents injuries through improved core stability for the reciprocal motion of these sports
  5. Joint Pain - the balance of mobility in the fuller range from neutral is so nice for your joints. Your spine feels more spacious and light
  6. Hypermobility - the slow and steady strength required will help recruit the stabilising muscles around your joints so you have more refined control over your range of motion

Will you enjoy it? 

YES! It feels so satisfying to discover the little balancing movements that you can do in your own body. 

  • It's not full of fancy shapes, or large movements. It is a simple, gentle and refined sequence of movements that you can ease yourself into. 
  • It will begin to create new connections between your mind & body in all your movement postures.
  • You will become more aware of your neutral spine and enjoy improved posture as a result.
  • You will feel strong, lean, flexible and spacious - nice sensations!


Enjoy what we offer? We tailor our training to YOU! Each person is unique and although the laws of nature and biomechanics mean that humans share traits, we know that you need what is right for you, right now!

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