Core Strength and Calm

The inner journey begins by drawing into your core. Who are you? What makes you smile? What is your life's purpose? It can be scary this dark world - will you like who you find? Your movement practice can support and empower this journey of discovery and we created a practice for this reason. 

Movement Supports Your Journey

Your physical body is our ultimate symbol of manifestation in the current lifetime. What you do with your body reflects the other levels of your relationship with yourself. What you eat and how you move are vital to support alignment with this deeper journey. But there is more than what you put in our how you act. Your body communicates to you too. 

Injuries, sickness and accidents represent metaphysically energetic misalignments in your life. Poor karmic patterns are exhibited in the physical experiences of tightness, restriction, compression and pain. You must work with movement patterns that encourage a sense of space, expansion, ease and fluidity for a healthy physical body that sends positive messages to your mind and spiritual aspects. 

Mind-body movement forms support this connection of discovery. Approach your existence and journey from every aspect of your Being with movements that engender calm, strong, easeful and efficient living. 

The Inner Journey

It is called this because you are going to our inner world, your inner Self, the dark journey that you cannot see the Disney ending. This is a journey to your core, so we begin with core work! 

The core wants to be soft, pliable and responsive. To digest, remove what we do not need and take what is good for us on our journey. We must be calm and strong to face the journey, bringing a resilience to the quality of experience that is buoyant and has stamina. Physical practice that cultivates these qualities will support your mind's intentions for the journey. 

Begin Your Core Experience

Our Core Strength & Calm Workout combines Pilates and Yoga to find these qualities in your physical expression. An easy and efficient flow of movements that should only be performed to find the gentle strength within you. It is a challenging sequence so be patient - less is usually more as the sequence is about going in, not throwing a shape. 

Try it and give us feedback!

If you want to learn more about our approach to living your dream through your body, mind, sensations and energetic bodies then contact us for a FREE consultation to see what service we offer that is best for your intentions! 

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