Settling into Sydney

A year ago in Nicaragua I realised that a large part of my life's purpose is to create a wellbeing retreat experience that includes water sports, in particular sailing and surfing. I strongly felt that this was important to support healing due to the fears that show up and layers of the ego we release. 


Where Sailors Meet Healers


Vassiliki is a seaside town in Greece off the Western coast in the Ionian sea. It is known for windsurfing and is also a great place for sailing. The mornings the water is crystal clear and still - perfect for SUP (stand up paddle-boarding), then the wind picks up for sailors at 10-11am, by 3pm the wind is whisking around the bay for the windsurfers. Water-sports are often high energy environments, but when you add wind to the elemental work there is even more shifting dynamism in the space.


Nid Trapeze.JPG

The summer season of 2016 I taught Pilates and some yoga, fitness and meditation at Healthy Options. A holiday company created for the partners and children of sailors attending WildWind. I met many sailors and windsurfers as I massaged several or they came to classes. I was asked to privately work with one sailor to prepare him for a competition. It was a great learning experience and wonderful to be taken on their boats for 'joyrides' around the bay. 


Several of the instructors in Vassiliki would work between seasons in Greece and Sydney. I connected well and we agreed that I should come to Sydney to investigate opportunities. 


Amazonian Queen to City Chick

After 4 months of jungle life in Central America, calm and healing retreats with nature literally under my bed arriving in Sydney was a bit of a shock. All the people, the pace of everything, so much going on, all this transport and 'busy-ness'. 

I walked. I meditated. I did fascia release. Tarot and reiki to focus on what guidance I needed, but I was grumpy. I knew I was overwhelmed. I couldn't remember why I was in Sydney. I cannot work here with a holiday visa. It just all felt too much. I was lost without a retreat to work on!

Those conversations of 'what do you do?' confused me - I work on retreats travelling the globe all year around the tropics, and am a digital nomad. My Transformation Program is sustaining me alongside my retreat savings - I really am living the dream. So, why was I so grumpy? I needed to snap out of this weird mood. 


Nurture Not Nature

In the jungle I find gratitude through the abundance in the shades of green. It is simple yet makes me so happy to be alive. It energises my heart chakra and compassion shines from me. When I cannot turn to nature to support me, what do I do? 

I decided it was an opportunity to 'fill my tank up' with knowledge. All these Pilates schools would get my body into strict technique shape! Yoga classes to hear other ways teaches connect the lessons, learn to sail in a race, time to practice surfing and complete my certifications for Soul Realignment and Energy Medicine. A time to nurture myself away from a retreat which is always client focused. 

As I begin to fill up I feel my grumpiness washing away. I notice my creativity coming back, those connections are firing with ideas as I plan workshops around the globe for 2018 and retreats in 2019. I am connecting with people all around the world - I never know what time zone I am working with, but everyone seems to smile at my dippiness thankfully. 


Dreams Become Reality

I always had strong dreams that manifested into reality. I am highly driven and succeed at what I aim to (over)achieve. Since leaving England I have worked hard to distinguish the difference of my deepest dreams and my ego's desires for my life. 

When told by someone in Sydney "You're a wellbeing teacher on award-winning worldwide retreats and digital nomad. Wow! You really are living the dream!", I was surprised. In the past 2 months it has begun to settle into my reality that I really am living my dreams - the ones I had in my sleep that knew what I really wanted for true joy. I am amazed at what has happened in such a short time in my life. 


But it is only the beginning. I have an idea of what the bigger dream is...those connections I make all form a part of my future and vision. Now I know those dreams are reality already, provided I do not force or push with my ego, but surrender and have faith that I am open to see the coincidences of what the universe brings to manifest more than I could 'do' alone. 


Live Your Dream

Your Dream is Waiting for You!

How to get what you dream of? 

I have no idea, I'm just lucky! I don't believe in luck - we create our own experience. I made choices and acted on them. They are: 

Forget - doing, knowing, planning, control, effort, hardness, pain, suffering, stories of woe. 

Surrender - what you want, think you want, think you need, who you are, what you like, you.

Flow - accept what is, let go of what is no longer necessary, make changes, seize opportunities.

Open - your eyes to the abundance, your heart to connections & moments to coincidences.

Ease - emptiness in Tai Chi, welcome grace into your life. 

Space - make space for your Self, between you & others.

Faith - trust that it is already there for you if you open yourself to receive.