Attract Your Wishes for 2019

On the philosophical premise that your life is only your perceived reality, it seems that as positive intention setting for a new year takes grip it is a useful time to consider the perspective you apply to your experience of life. Your mind creates the world you live in, so your mind can enjoy this world and life, should it so choose. This is not about promising getting rich, but about empowering you to choose what you want for your life so that you can enjoy your life.

The Benefits of Law of Attraction

A client was sceptical, “Is this spiritual irresponsibility?” she asked. The Law of Attraction is about taking responsibility for your thoughts, using your emotions as a guide, approaching what you want from a neutral or good feeling place to take action in the world and receive what you desire.


Simple, but profound benefits include:

  • Get a positive mindset.

  • Appreciate the smaller things in life.

  • Build confidence in your intuition.

  • Become more aware of your thoughts and feelings.

  • Feel empowered to change your perspective and experience.

  • Become more grateful.

  • See the beauty around you.

  • Enjoy the synchronicity of events and meeting people.

  • Notice the wonderful journeys and paths of life experiences.

What is the Law of Attraction?


‘Like attracts like’ is the premise. Where energy is directed will attract more of it until it becomes a reality. The most energy that we humans expend is in our thoughts.

‘Thoughts become things’ is the second premise. This is about how as we direct our attention via our thoughts into something, our perspective is on the lookout for it. When we see this, we acknowledge it and perpetuate more of it.

Key principles to know include:

  • The Law of Attraction is a universal law.

  • It works all of the time and applies to all humans.

  • There are no ‘goodie’ or ‘baddie’ rules.

  • It cannot change other laws e.g. gravity, but is a part of all universal laws just like explained in ‘What is karma?’ blog post.

Negatives are not included. So if you think “I don’t want stress” then you receive the stress. This is because the energy is in the concern about being stressed and not the absence of stress, or opposite of stress.

Emotions carry more energy in attraction. If you want to attract something but don’t have the full emotional joy behind what you ask for, because you doubt receiving it or feel it’s lack, then you will not have sufficient energy to make it happen soon.

Time is slow to manifest what you ask for. This is good but also not so great. Patience isn’t a great human trait and often by the time you receive what you asked for, you have moved on from the thing we wanted. 

Therefore, it is a process that requires trust and belief. Most people struggle with at least one of these, if not both. The result is resorting to action and controlling things to make what you desire happen.

Steps to Attract Your Wishes

There are 6 steps to Law of Attraction with Nid. Many people get stuck at the third and fifth stages, but it is in these stages that the transformation really takes place.

(1) Intention

What do you want? Taken in 3 parts:

Law of Attraction process.jpg
  1. OPPOSITION: “A no is a yes to something else.” says Baron Baptiste. So, when you have a NO! in your life, ask yourself “what is my yes?”

  2. CLARITY: What do you really want? Ask for it with positive words preferably with good feelings behind them.

    Maybe you don’t have the words yet? Visualise and sense feel the experience that you seek. Take time over this and enjoy it. Repeat, repeat and repeat.

  3. Be precise and clear in what you ask for. You do not need to keep asking.

(2) Awareness

  • Become aware of your thoughts. How much of your time is spent thinking about what you do not want?

  • A simple meditation that counts thoughts for 5 minutes can do wonders for creating this awareness.

(3) Purge the Negative

  • You might notice that a lot of your thoughts are negative and not about feeling the good stuff.

  • When you become aware of a negative thought path, stop & reset. Do something else more fun or neutral. This is where meditation practice, going into nature or doing some exercise are great.

  • Become aware of your beliefs, why do you hold them? Are they holding you back?

  • Notice those relationships and conversations that drain you of energy or leave you feeling in a negative mood. Avoid these people or say goodbye to them. This is the tough bit that many find challenging. The safety of the familiar will hold you back.

  • Know your triggers that pull you back into the negative thoughts & moods.

  • For those people that you have to spend time with, or stay at work then there are practice to help you get through it. Forgiveness practices are a great way to find acceptance of the people and situation.

  • Each time you are triggered, come back to neutral. Find a neutral or good feeling place to reset your energy, thoughts and feelings.

(4) Make Your Wish

  • A clearly made wish must then be experienced as though it is here in the present. How good does it feel to enjoy it? Truly feel that your wish is being experienced as you wish it. Be vivid in your imagination and relish in the enjoyment of it.

  • Make up fun experiences as though you have it now. For example, every-time you go to spend the money, imagine spending it and receiving what you wanted. Allow a child-like fantasy to enter your life and appreciate what you have already, there is no lack. It already exists in a reality somewhere.

(5) Trust & Believe to Receive

  • Once you have made your wish let it go.

  • Trust that the universe will provide what you want to you. You do not know how but the magic will find a way. Get on with enjoying your life. A simple story of trust was given here in Nid’s story about using Law of Attraction to get her lost jumpsuit back.

  • Expect the positive. When you notice the negative thoughts or emotions, doubts or worries - reset to neutral.

  • Appreciate what you have in the moment. Nid shared how to appreciate things in life in this blog post in 2017.

  • In moments of fun and flow, you will receive inspiration. You will meet someone and with ‘synchronicity’ it will help things unfold for you. For example, you go to a house for help and they do not give it to you, but on leaving you meet someone that provides the solution.

(6) Give Thanks

  • When what you want unfolds take time to fully be grateful for it.

  • Acknowledge with your attention, time and energy that you received your wish.

  • Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions to create what you want, so use it and the cycle will continue to flow.

Want to go more in depth?

Nid is an Advanced Law of Attraction Practitioner. She uses it with all of her clients to varying extents. Nid used this practice to help transform her own perspective. Many comment on her never-ending ability to turn everything into a positive, and this was a practice she developed.

Discover her strategies and techniques by speaking to Nid, and see how she can support you to take responsibility for your wishes coming true this year.

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