Undoing the Day Nidra

This yoga nidra was designed to help those with insomnia. Often the mind is busy processing the day’s events into our past, present and future life. This can lead to difficulties sleeping, so it can be helpful to resolve some of the conscious thoughts during a practice that works at the hypnogogic state – all three states of the mind.  The practice is suitable for relative beginners as the long periods of silence can be challenging to maintain the focus.

What is ‘Undoing the Day’ yoga nidra?

Structured in a conventional form with Nid’s integrated style, this yoga nidra has more silence to allow the listener to process their day.

After following the rotation of consciousness, breathwork and opposite sensation the journey is one of your own choice.

Using a Law of Attraction exercise that reviews the day with a view to accepting the events without judgment, this practice when done in the yoga nidra state is even more powerful. The practice requires the listener to consider points during the day that did not proceed as may have been desired. The listener can consider alternative scenarios until an outcome that is unconditionally acceptance is felt.

This process encourages acceptance of life as it is. Acceptance is a key step for forgiveness practice and this opens the heart for deeper healing.

Yoga nidra’s ability to cross the conscious, subconscious and unconscious brain states can clear the day’s events and the build the neural connections for future decisions that are more aligned to a happier perspective.

Why it helps?

As hinted above, this practice is about:

1.     Finding unconditional acceptance of life, as it is.

2.     Building a forgiveness practice.

3.     Carrying less ‘daily baggage’ and fully processing the day at all levels.

4.     An ability to create deeper emotional connections with others.

5.     A greater capacity to love and see the beauty in moments and others.

6.     A sense of peace in how life unfolds when it does not meet expectations.

7.     Fostering a sense of openness to unforeseen events in life.

8.     Better sleep as the mind can ease into deep rest.

9.     20 minutes of Yoga nidra itself is the equivalent of 2 hours sleep!

Insomnia Issues

Sleep issues are more complex that a simple yoga nidra. However, this is a helpful tool to add to sleepless nights. Personalised practices can make a huge impact on how to prepare for healthy rest. Working with any of our team will support your sleep, provided you follow the practices.

If privates don’t feel quite right, then here is our blog about 11 Steps to Manage Insomnia to give you some other ideas.


Nutrition with Megan

Eating behaviours can affect sleep patterns. What and when you eat impacts the body’s ability to calm down for rest.

Megan’s background in the emotional side of nutrition is great to connect into how your relationship wth food might be impacting your sleep.


Yoga Nidra, Movement & Reiki healing with Nid

Intuitive mentoring with a combined use of movement, yoga nidra and Reiki healing with simple daily habits to help the journey to better sleep. Reiki healing that helps balance the body’s energy to promote better sleep.

Nid’s path from insomnia used all Omega Movement offers, these are Nid’s specialities to share.


Yoga Therapy with Molly

Through specific breathwork, yoga asana and meditation Molly will design a program for aiding sleep.

Molly’s speciality in anxiety means that she is fabulous for unwinding the mind for good sleep.

Joy NG.jpg

Deep Flow Massage with Joy (London, UK only)

Massage has been shown in many studies to aid sleep as it relaxes the body-mind.

Booking in for regular massages can ease a more regular sleep pattern and less waking in the night.

Not sure who to work with? Send us a message with your request and we will help you work out the solution, just for you.

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