Tonglen Style Meditation

This meditation style is an awakening, empathy and compassion to all beings on Earth. This is a beginner’s version of the traditional meditation practice.

Why do Tonglen-style Meditation?

In Tibetan it means “giving and receiving”, which is the purpose of the practice. The practice is designed to:

  1. Acceptance of suffering

  2. Enhance non-attachment

  3. Engender altruistic behaviours

  4. Renunciation of greed, desires, cravings and lust (negative feelings)

  5. Purifies karma by giving and receiving

  6. Develop and expand loving-kindness

A practice that focuses on such positivity and balance, is a very healing practice. Healing needs are often underestimated and much deeply hidden from the conscious mind. Loving-kindness both given and received can heal without the need to 'know’ the negativity or suffering that originated the need for healing.

The traditional version includes visualisations of smoke and colours to transmute the negative energy, clearing karma. The emotions and visualisation of this practice alone will be sufficient for the practice to work the same.

The two-fold benefit of this practice

(1) Meditator feels peaceful

The practice engenders the peaceful feeling of kindness on the meditator. Loving kindness and compassion meditations have been shown in studies to produce the most profound positive effects of meditation practices. If you are unsure where to go with your meditation practice, then this is a great all healing and positive practice to undertake.

(2) Recipient benefits from loving vibes

A meditation that sends healing and loving energy to another person changes the recipient’s energy vibrations to that of a healing state. Studies have shown that whether the meditator believes in energy healing or not, focused intention to send healing love to another does affect their energy. The recipient does receive the healing regardless of the healer’s intention. Therefore, the practice of sending healing love is helping another regardless of the belief.

Tips for the Practice

Be comfortable throughout the practice.

The loving healing focus of this practice is not to change another, but to provide them with unconditional support for healing to their best self. The healing love sent to the other person is to be for their good and of the world, this is not perhaps how we sometimes perceive what we think is best for someone else. Regardless of your opinions, beliefs and views focus on just the feeling of unconditional love.

See the person through the eyes of love. This practice is one of seeing the beautiful aspects of someone in their full person and soul. Embrace all of the person as this is what makes them unique and on their path.

You can change the person in the healing for each individual practice, but stick with one person throughout the practice.

Where else can you enjoy the meditation?