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Much of what we offer is in the privacy of our client’s home, work or holiday environment. We respect our client’s personal journey with us and honesty that they bring to working with each of us. However, it is also a wonder to share some of the beautiful discoveries and moments we are honoured to witness with our clients. Here we are sharing a few of our favourite stories.

Magical Alignment

Mallory first met Nid on a retreat and had taken yoga and Pilates for several years. She was impressed by Nid’s technical eye for alignment, but also the skill to assess Mallory’s love for spirituality but struggles with manifesting. Mallory took the Transformation Program with Nid, and set the intention to strengthen her physical practice and feel more connected in body and mind to start making positive changes in her life.

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Mallory was highly motivated and disciplined with her practice, so sessions were 60 minutes fortnightly. Nid designed Mallory’s physical practice and taught it to her via online video, recorded and provided a written workout with notes. Mallory adopted mixed sessions of Reiki healing, discussions and tarot readings. This provided a wonderful variety for Mallory to work within her own time and at other classes.

A new physical practice was devised when Mallory changed job and requested a distance Reiki healing. Nid noticed the change in job had shifted Mallory’s energy and needs to a different practice to support the exciting transition.

Mallory continues to work with Nid on a monthly basis.

What Mallory loves about working with Nid?

I wanted to mention something about physical therapy regiment and benefits for my low back issues, but I'm also sure you're being wary of overpromising medical miracles or anything of that variety. I just feel strongly that your exercises and guidance have specifically amplified the strengthening of my core muscles that is allowing my back to heal and feel safer than it has in a long time. BUT putting that in writing can be a liability if you're not a licensed doctor, so absolutely no prob if you want to focus on the other amazing aspects of our journey together.


Polly first attended a retreat with Nid after a significant change in her life. She joined the Transformation Program some months later with the intention to be mobile, fit and balanced physically to allow this to spread to her emotional wellbeing. She wanted weekly 30 minute sessions with Nid.

Nid provided a yoga practice in written and video format that Polly did three times per week and a swimming schedule. Discussions were around how to prioritise Polly’s wellbeing into her life and not stop for others first. Nid further developed Polly’s whole life program to include:

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  • Morning and evening practices

  • Bespoke meditations recorded during the online sessions

  • Breathing practices to empower her day

  • Distance Reiki healings when an injury occurred

  • Devised timetable for the week to fit in practices

  • Links to additional resources as appropriate

  • Techniques to find greater compassion & heart-led approaches to herself

After the 4 months Polly was more positive. She had seen how much stronger her body had become to even enjoy learning to surf! This positive mindset gave her more realistic intentions and joy in the actions of her day.

She continues to work with Nid three times a month combining Reiki healing, meditations and movement practice.

Why Polly loves working with Nid?

Being accountable, disciplined and positive about the progress.

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Eva came to Nid through a gift from a friend. After a bereavement, Eva had noticed changes in her life and wanted support on their impact in her life. Eva sought verbal discussion only as she had done her own Reiki 1 training and had her own movement practices.

Eva updates Nid about her Reiki, meditation, tarot, Law of Attraction and any other mystical occurrences that happen to Eva, but also Eva’s physical and emotional wellbeing. Nid uses her intuition and energy reading to guide questions about these experiences and propose alternative perspectives to Eva. Nid intuits Eva’s energetic shifts and provides suggestions for Eva to try as simple daily practices.

Eva continues to work with Nid each month to explore more of her deepening wisdom. Eva found transformative practices in tarot reading, breathwork, meditation, crystal healing work, social activities, physical practices, law of attraction work and compassion-based approaches.


Michael joined Nid on her retreat and was astonished by the yoga nidra practices. He delved into working with Nid online from Soul Realignment, yoga practices and Reiki healing.

As an active young man with a capable body he sought specific strengthening work for his body. Nid used a combination of his intentions with Reiki healing to tailor a practice for him that was calming yet strong for his physique. He used the video each night to help him with sleep. When life events took hold and he felt his emotions challenged, he would request a distance Reiki healing to obtain balance and then Nid would review new home practices with him. Michael enjoys working with Nid two to three times a month flexibly for his needs.

What Michael loves about working with Nid?

Her flexibility around scheduling and session plans to his needs.


Bridget approached Omega Movement for a high quality teacher that could aid with her knee and repetitive strain injuries: she wanted Pilates. An avid spinner she loves the 'burn' and to feel the work. For her pains, back to basics was needed: mindful breath work with movement to reduce the tension she held in her body. As Bridget's physical pains reduced we built in more 'fitness' exercises. Some months passed and a relapse occurred, so she returned to us. We designed her short and simple practices supported with the written notes, add-on videos and recordings. Now Bridget has the tools to reconnect back to her mindfully moving body that is pain-free and has space for more joy in her life!   

Why Bridget loves Nid?

Holistic wellbeing from the soul, simple and possible to achieve.

Nid is the only teacher I know who is focused on her clients' wellbeing in a way that it is unparallelled in my experience.

Our practice started out with me learning to breathe correctly. It was as basic as that - much of certain painful body experience was the result of me not breathing properly from the abdomen as we all should. We slowly built up from there, until Nid had designed a complete body workout for me which is achievable, easy to remember and only takes 20 minutes of my time whenever I choose to practise.

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For 4 years we have worked with Dina - Nid, Kathryn, Lisanne, Molly and some others. Due to some paralysis she had limited mobility and lack of confidence to attend group classes. The goal was to improve her core strength and balance, with 2-3 sessions per week of functional Pilates and Yoga. As her confidence grew we explored her fears of movement in public and encouraged her to join a gym for cardiovascular training on cross-trainers. 

In 2017 she decided to join one of our retreats. Her first class with other people! She loved the retreat and discovered how strong and fit she truly is. She trains online with Nid twice weekly, attends the gym or swims when she can.

Why does Dina love Nid?

Motivation, humour and technical eye to support physical issues.  

Due to some paralysis, I should have been a bit of a challenge for Nid but she has embraced that challenge with her amazing knowledge of the anatomy, as well as personalised and creative solutions to work around my limitations. Better than any physio I've worked with :)

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