Is it Wellbeing or Wellness?

As I travel I notice that these two words are used in different cultures to promote retreats that include more than yoga. In the UK, we use ‘wellbeing’ as our preferred choice of description for this wider ranging approach to feeling well in our life. In the USA, Central America and Far East I see retreats promoting ‘wellness’.

Do we need to care which word is used to describe feeling well in all aspects of our lives?

What is Wellness?

The USA adopted ‘wellness’ in the late 2000s for workplace employee assistance programs based on the preamble of the World Health Organisation’s 1948 definition of ‘health’:

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” This includes 8 dimensions to a person feeling well:...

physical, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, environmental, financial, and occupational.”

This sounds great, it encompasses all aspects of human beings and what we seek from our life experience. As often happens the USA’s approach has spread to other workplace cultures.

Surely, we all seek wellness in our lives and work?


What is Wellbeing?

This is the holistic whole-life experience of feeling well is something that our rational selves wish to quantify and measure. The World Health Organisation define ‘wellbeing’ as quality of life measured by

the individual’s perception of their position in life in the context of the culture and value systems in which they live and in relation to their goals.”

Thus, wellbeing is the 8 dimensions in wellness but how this is perceived in the context of culture, our values and goals that we have set around our lives. It is important to recognise here that these are all choices. We may be born into a specific culture with values engrained into us that impact our goals, but we can always choose to stand against our culture and its values. To create our own goals outside of the ‘system’ to make us feel ‘wellbeing’.


Energy Systems in Balance

Align 7 chakras.png

As mind-body coaches of various modalities, we at Omega Movement care about your energy body. The subtle energy body (aura, meridians and chakras) must be balanced and well for us to thrive. It is affected by our choices and thoughts, which impact how we choose to interact with our internal and external worlds. It is a part of our spiritual aspect of our wellness, but also our physical, emotional and mental health.

The energy body is our ‘buffer zone’ with the external world and our internal experiences. Thus, it is vital to full wellness and wellbeing. When we become aware of this energy body you can begin to conserve your energy for choices that support you. This can give you more energy to pursue your values in goals that reflect your dreams.


The Consciousness Movement

Whether you become aware of your energy body in your life experience, the modern-day consciousness movement is about becoming aware of the larger collective experience of humanity.

There is a paradigm shift away from survival towards wellbeing plus.

Align Gratitude.png

Humans are now safe, technology gives us more time, we are globally connected and have changed our brains. The Consciousness Movement is beyond wellbeing: it is about alignment with our true Self. If we all contribute to the world from our soul’s purpose, then we lift ourselves and others higher to a fulfilled quality of life.

The first step is to become aware of your choices and then consciously change them. Often there is a resistant response to the changes made. We are questioning the social norms, pushing against values of others from before us, and discovering a new perspective of experience. This can scare and propel us backwards. We remain in wellbeing, a concept created in 1948 – 70 years ago!


Work with Wellbeing

conscious v unconscious.png

Wellbeing has been a key contribution to the consciousness movement. When you discover wellbeing it opens the energy connection to what is more than us alone, it connects us to one another: a collective consciousness that makes humans and Earth thrive.

When we created Omega Movement it was vital to share wellbeing in all modalities, at work, home and on holiday. Wellbeing is about all aspects of life, we are each unique, over time our requirements change and it is a journey. Molly and I want to support others to find their wellbeing throughout their life.

For you to be in love with your life experience and feel fulfilled.


Am I in a Bubble?

Yes, I live in a bubble of endless retreats in the sunshine. I truly feel the difference in this change of the world. I refuse to know about the news and generally avoid discussions that perpetuate the negative ‘reality’ loop. I choose to place my energy system into where I can make a positive difference.

It is all about choice: how we want to live, how we wish to perceive the world, what our contribution will be, how we touch other souls, and how we connect with each other.

Do you know what choices you are making that contribute to your wellbeing? If you feel that there is more to discover in your wellbeing, then maybe we can help you.

Check out how we can help you find Wellbeing...