Energy Alignment

Energy exchange is in all our relationships - it is why some are extroverts and others introverts. To understand what gives you energy and what takes your energy, can help your health and wellbeing. This is the case with all physical touch. If you are sensitive to energy you may often work/ find yourself in a role that cares for others. Such caring can leave you with a lot of other people's 'stuff'. It is important to know understand what is happening to your energy in these relationships.

Chakras as Energy Centres

For many years I had an interest in chakras and their relationship to physical and mental wellbeing. I would experiment with movements that impacted each of the 7 body chakra centres to see if I could physically impact my wellbeing. There are plenty of specialist books available with far more comprehensive explanations about chakras, but how we each experience them differs.

Chakras are energetic vortices at various points around the body and beyond into your aura. Some people can 'see' colours but I merely see in my clients that there is an compacting area with no flow. Often this visual has a texture or feeling that I can struggle to find words to describe.

A chakra can be under or over active. When it is overactive it often feels like a swirling or manic vibration; something out of control. A person will exhibit excess traits from that chakra that are uncontrolled. When under-active a chakra feels weak and lethargic to me, or even just a specific block of tension.

Why Alignment for Energy?

I love to focus on alignment in my teaching because it is the clearest way to physically see these blocks of energy. Regardless of physique, clear alignment of the joints and tissues in the body looks radiantly beautiful. You can see an inner glow as someone softens into their own alignment.

The body, mind and spirit are all interconnected. We can clear mental blocks if we change our movement patterns, we can change movement if we balance our energetic centres and transform our energy if we make space in our minds.

triple cycle.png
triple cycle.png

Physical Touch and Massage

My ability to connect to energy dramatically increased when I began to massage. I realised that I 'mirror' which means I can feel the client's body sensations. Very quickly I realised that more was going on that physically attending to muscles, so I sought some expert support: an energy coach. She was able to confirm and reassure me that what I was experiencing was normal and had labels. As someone who hates labels, this was surprisingly reassuring! 

I quickly discovered that a massage could have a huge impact on my personal energy and emotions. An intense massage could leave me emotional and I needed to develop rituals to release this 'stuff' from my life experience.

Releasing Energy of Others

To manage your own alignment, you need to release that of others which you may have picked up. It is vital to keep clear with your own energy so that you do not confuse ourselves and make decisions based on something you 'picked up' accidentally.

To keep yourself clear for alignment requires a regular cleansing practice that works for you. This is more than meditation as you must actively remove such energies from you.  It could be that you seek an energy healer to help you, or work on this yourself.

There are many DIY methods, but essentially energy responds to intention and clarity. If you set a clear intention it will help. For example:At the end of your working day say "I release, transmute, return and heal any and all energies that do not belong to me" . If you believe in Angels then ask Archangel Michael to come with his sword and do this for you.

If you add cleansing activities such as:

  • First thing in the morning, take the time alone to have a full check-in with your body sensations, mental chatter and energetic sensations. Meditation can really support this practice.
  • Wash your hands and hair thoroughly (with sage oil in if possible) after touching others and ask to remove their energy.
  • Sage oil can cleanse your body where you rub it as you say the cleansing intention.
  • Smudge your body and space with white sage or palo santo, and ask  for all to be removed (see Smudging post here)
  • Use cleansing crystals 

Good Chakra & Energy Books

  • Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss
  • Energy Medicine by Donna Eden
  • The Subtle Body by Cydi Dale
  • Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith
  • The Secret Language of your Body by Anna Segal