Why Smudge to Align?

The process of using these herbs to clear and release energy is called ‘smudging’. It can be done on space and people. Often found in spiritual ceremonies and yoga studios to release negative energies from the communal space.

What to Use?

White sage releases negative energies, and clear and ward off negative spirits. This is not the sage from your local store! It is specialist sage that is prepared in bundles for burning. Ensure that you have a bowl to collect the ash as this can get very ashen!

Palo Santo wood also clears negative spirits whilst it enhances creativity and brings forth good fortune. This is trickier to burn that white sage, but tidier if you're travelling as it looks like a little piece of wood.

sage stick
sage stick

How to Use Sage or Palo Santo

  1. Intention is key!
  2. Buy a sage bundle (aka wand) from a natural / metaphysical supplier or palo santo.
  3. Have a heat proof surface to catch ash & place the hot wand.
  4. Light the wand with a flame until the wand begins to smoke. If using palo santo, it takes a bit longer to catch a flame. As lighting begin your prayer (per activity below).
  5. If the wand catches fire, shake it or blow so that it just smokes.
  6. With hand or feather, move the wand around the space that you wish to clean. As you do this visualise the space or person being cleared (include ankles & souls of feet). If you have a prayer say it until the space or person is surrounded in the smoky air.
  7. Until the smoke stops the tradition is that the cleanse is still going. Let the sage smoke out and then the cleanse is complete.

Clear Energy in a Space

Times when it is great to release energy from a space that feels heavy as you enter it or lowers your mood:

  • New space for you to work or live in. Remove the past energies of the space.
  • A communal space with many people coming and going.
  • After a party or gathering, remove any of what have been left behind!
  • Before your home meditation or yoga practice will lift your practice to new levels energetically.
  • If you travel to a new place use it to remove what others have left behind.
  • After an argument or illness to remove those energies around you and the space.


  1. Open the windows and doors so that the air can take out the energy.
  2. Start with yourself before you move into the space as you may be carrying energies into the space.
  3. Ensure you get to the ceilings, corners and under the furniture.
  4. Your prayer is: “I ask for Divine light around me into this time and place, with the consciousness of sage to fully cleanse my energy of any and all negativity. To cleanse and release all density. Release into the light of the Divine.Release into the light any stagnant energy in this space back to the divine light.”
smudge space.jpeg
smudge space.jpeg

Clear Yourself

There are days when we feel like we are carrying someone else's baggage. That is because you are! Someone has taken your energy or attached their mucky energy to yo. You need to remove this to feel your energy and light again!

Prepare to smudge as above and let the smoke around your entire body as you say:

I call for light energies of palo santo / sage to cleanse me of all negativity and density that no longer serves me, so that can shine and vibrate to highest possible level. My energy is shining brighter. I thank the guides for helping me remain clear, connected, vibrating high and shining my light bright.

smudge person
smudge person