Running a Retreat


After 10 months of working in retreat life I have observed the wonder of the universe in our connections.  Retreats often bring people together who have a deeper connection to make with one another.  This means that if allowed and held properly, everyone can have an amazing and unique experience.  Often people are more open to see things from a new perspective, to learn new tips and make significant life changes when on a retreat.  This is uniquely inspiring and a privilege to witness.

Curation of OM retreats

To curate a retreat from your own passion is to put out what you know, expose yourself in an intimate setting and deeply know people without necessarily becoming lifetime friends.  When I think of the design and structure for a retreat I want the journey for the clients over that period of time.  I don't just want to teach a class, but to enrich lives with a new way of experiencing the body, mind and self.  There must be fun, alone time, community and peacefulness.

When a stranger takes the risk to book a spot with you as a teacher, you have a responsibility to show up and do your best!  So many questions to ask them to make it enjoyable.  But also, for existing clients we want to know what they want from the retreat. We decided to ask a pre-retreat health form and 30 minute call. This enables us to get to know our clients and what their wants and needs are. We could design the workshop, class themes and other activities to reflect the group as a balanced whole.

On OM Retreat

During the retreat it can be hard to find alone time. When I massage it can be really quite exhausting to fit in my own quiet time alongside teaching, meals, organising and additional activities.  If I see a client highly emotional, it is nice to offer some reiki to restore their balance.  But my habit of working hard does kick in: it is so enjoyable yet all consuming to run a retreat. So many details I can become wrapped up in for each person.

Then I have those divine moments of bliss when I look out over a class with beautiful scenery and realise that "This is my job, this is my life. I am so blessed."

The immersion into the experience is intense at all levels of my Being.  It is work, a holiday, and my life experience. When they say you will never work a day in your life when you do what you love, they are right.

How did I get so lucky?

I relinquished my effortful life, I surrendered to my high purpose, I trusted my path would unfold and had faith that my decisions were aligned with my higher Self.  All posts I have shared on this blog shed light on steps towards a lighter life, themes are:

  • Less is more: Do less
  • Get space - minimal things makes space in your head.
  • Hang out in nature...without your technology!
  • Effortful is the wrong path. Right choices feel easy.
  • If it doesn't feel 'YES!' then don't do it, or decide later.
  • Create a self-reflective practice to explore who you are.
  • Nurture yourself with things that make you feel loved.
  • Change your perspective: talk to yourself from your best friend's voice.
  • Trust that it will all work out perfectly.
  • Have faith in yourself and your decisions.
  • Surrender to something greater than yourself; you are great!