The Long and Winding Road


I haven't had much time this week to reflect and write my weekly post due to running my own first retreat with Omega Movement. It's been amazing joy! Humble pie 

What a pleasure to meet and spend so much time with such loving people. The privilege that these individuals have shared such key transitions and challenges with me is so humbling. I am only a person trying to find my own path to live a joyful life. Yet, these incredibly smart and heart-felt people wish to hear my words and ideas. I have nothing new to say: all the sages, gurus and saints have said it before. There are so many phenomenal current day enlightened teachers they could listen to and yet our retreat clients have spent hours listening to me ramble! Each client has a depth of wisdom and experience that teaches me more, and as I watch them make enormous strides in themselves I know it is all their own amazing work.  Connecting strength 

It always comes back to connection. To see everyone bond and connect. To know the universe guided us together for what we need at this time is beautiful to witness. To uncover my newly developed skills of how I read people and can bring when we connect blows my mind. Such strength in what is released and will power to face what lies beneath each person of the group shows the power of when we connect our consciously awakened minds together.   Finding my path 

My favourite song as a child was The Beatles' 'Long and Winding Road'. It was the idea of the journey of life being full of suffering and longing that led to pure love and bliss. However, in my childhood depression this meant I got stuck in the suffering.  As a lawyer my retirement plan was to set up a retreat centre in Hawaii and teach pilates and more.  To deliver retreats to connect, support and grow our conscious enlightenment together is my life now. The path and plan was there yet I ignored it, I chose to live in suffering and accepted my empty soul.  Today I was told that my work is spiritual and I remembered that my greatest wish as a child was to heal others with love and kindness.  I have reconnected with my soul and I listen to her now. Finally, I am the grown up I dreamt I would become - I may not be healing others with love and kindness alone, but the depth of connection on retreat enables a part of that to occur. Tears roll down my face as I know I have found the part of the road that is love, and I am on my journey home.  Now all I have to do is deepen into myself to heal with love and kindness alone... oh, and run more retreats!  Note - if I manage to heal with love and kindness alone then I've become my superhero as that's always the super power I wish for! Hehe!