Monkey Magic



I began to use the word ‘magic’ after a while in Costa Rica noticing that amazing things seemed to happen with such ease.  Where did magic come from? How was it in Costa Rica wishes could manifest so quickly?

Wishing is a Feeling

My wishes always manifested, but it often came with a ‘price’.  My accident seemed like this: that New Year’s Eve my wish was for a ‘quiet year’ – my head injury resulted in a need for total quiet as my senses could not filter all the information. Only meditation was almost quiet enough. I received what I wished for and how I needed it, but how I wanted it.

I had begun to become wiser in my wishes. Initially I sensed it was the choice of words that needed amendment (such a lawyer), but as my yoga nidra practice developed I began to understand that the sankalpa (Sanskrit for personal resolve) was about your deepest heart’s desire. To go beyond ‘want’ and hear a more expansive longing of my soul.

As words became unsatisfactory I noticed my sankalpa was a feeling I sought, not a specific thing to be attained. Then I realised that things happened in Costa Rica without me evening consciously wishing. For example, my work exchanges were a wish to save costs, practice teaching, meet inspiring people and provide healing work. As I found myself ‘accidentally’ in boutique and luxury healing retreats, I had manifested my general feelings to heal without a specific wish of these venues. The consequences were beyond dreamy!

Bird Song

I had been travelling on my feeling wish – it kept leading me to magic I had not conceived with my ‘conscious’ mind. In my last fortnight in Costa Rica a yellow chested chat bird would come to visit the yoga studio when I was meditating or teaching restorative yoga.  He would sing when my vibration was at a certain level.

In spiritual guidance, a chat bird (which is also a ‘warbler’) is saying "Listen to me. Embrace all of you and have fun in your life. Sing from your heart.” At this energy frequency, I was in my most open and receptive state of self – I could attract my deepest self and ideas. I was providing healing to myself and others, being my true aligned self of calm and contentment. I recognised that this is the time when I could hear my song; that when I need my inner guidance I should enter this energetic state of being to hear my true voice of desires.

Yoga nidra places your sankalpa at the point of relaxation where you are between your conscious and unconscious mind, to connect to your deepest true self and inner most heart’s desires: upon removal of the ego. However, my conscious self had not noticed this state during meditation or when teaching until the warbler showed me.

Romper Adventures

Once you how to hear your true voice your wishes can come from a place of clarity, without your ego, without ‘price’.  But how can you unlearn those years of entrenched debts for egoic wishes? Sometimes the wish takes time to manifest – perhaps you are not ready to receive it with the full joy you deserve.

My first conscious chosen experience to hold faith was the ‘Romper Adventure’. In Nicaragua, I had modelled some clothes and consequently ordered a romper from the USA.  A yoga teacher had brought it to me on her flight and I loved it!  Oh attachment issues! Now the romper was hinging on the washing line in Costa Rica, but went missing.  As I asked the staff it appeared to have disappeared. My standard materialistic self went online to order another, but I questioned my choice of monetary value.  What in me needed it again? I had only had it 2 or 3 weeks, and certainly did not ‘need’ it nor was I really ‘wanting’ it above anything else in my life.

The staff joked that a monkey may have taken it or the wind had carried it away into the hills. I hiked the hills looking for it and scanned the entire Retreat from the rooftops, but to no avail. After three days’ I decided not to spend any more money in Costa Rica in the faith that the romper would return before I left Costa Rica. I would do the opposite of my action driven self to produce the result I desired – I would do nothing but hold faith!

Eight days later housekeeping came to me asking “Is this your dress?” as they presented me with a grey cloth.  They had climbed on the roof and found it fallen down a recess in the roof.  My faith to wait had won through!

But the magic did not end there…to say thank you I took them out for pizza.  When I returned to the Retreat at 10:30pm the house was locked up and I was locked out! As windows were being prized to break in I wandered around to my bedroom, thankfully I had left my window open and climbed in through the bedroom window. Singing my favourite Beatles song “She came in through the [bed]room window”.

I had listened to my true voice about the romper, not my materialistic self and kept faith that it would come back to me. The journey was full of more jokes, playful adventures and twists than I would have anticipated. How it made me laugh and showed me faith in your wishes can be joyful without a ‘price’.

I understood that when you trust that something will occur from a true place of belief that requires no action (or even deprivation of my desires) and I released my want it to occur regardless of the consequences, that was faith.

The Magic of Manifestation

If you feel there is a ‘price’ in your dreams manifesting, then consider where are your wishes coming from or whether your faith is misplaced actions to obtain. When we believe that there is a cost for all we ask for, including our own actions, then we are not asking for our truest wish, but from a place of misguided desire – our ego. Want is desire. Desire creates suffering. There should never be a price to be paid for receiving what your heart truly wants; if you have faith and allow yourself to receive it then it shall come in an abundant and beautiful delivery.

When open and honest with all three you can receive the magic:

  1. Wishes should make you feel good when you make them.
  2. Want vs Need: Sometimes we 'want' from our ego and hear the wrong wish, so it manifests with a needed ‘lesson’ until we ask from a deeper place. Ask from your true voice to make your wish.
  3. Some wishes take time to manifest so require patience and perseverance. Faith brings your wishes with joy when you’re ready to receive them. This requires faith of inaction.

The animals remind us to play, to have no shame in making mistakes, to sing our own song and have faith that if we smile and let the path unfold that it will all manifest more joyfully than we could ever dream possible.