OMy Goddess!

 Ceremony of the Moon

It was the night after the official full moon, but I had a strong need to moon bathe in the hot tub.  My friend suggested a flower ceremony before so we collected a range of flowers and plants from the gardens - at least one for each chakra, with two large orange fruits that we joked looked like bosoms. We formed a circle of leaves and bamboo in the ground under the moonlight, then sent our intentions to the plants. As we walked to the hot tub we invented a chant that we repeated:

"Earth for my Body, Water for my Blood, Fire for my Spirit, Love for my Heart, Air for my Voice, Space for Wisdom." We laughed because we kept stumbling at water and space (our personal challenges).

Watching Moon Earth

When we climbed into the hot tub under the perfect clear night sky, we saw that some light clouds drifted around the moon and had begun to form a circle around her. The perfect cloud circle reflected outwards a rainbow: like the sun's horizon on earth. I felt myself floating in space (aided by the water in the hot tub), looking down on Earth (the clouds) with the three-dimensional perspective of the stars around us. As I felt myself no longer on the Earth and free from gravity, I felt a part of witnessing creation.

When we came back to our discussions it had felt that time had been suspended as we had floated watching the cloud Earth above (beneath, in front of or somewhere is space) to us. The timelessness of space, a vacuum.

As the shape shifted we saw the cloud Earth had a triangle of the Divine feminine within the sphere, with the moon the feminine core of Earth's creation.  The need for the feminine to create life and bring balance to Earth.

A Moon Halo

The clouds shifted and we settled to chat for a while, sharing our stories of our smaller lives.  I saw flashes of stars around the sky and a shooting star, which drew my attention back up to the moon and saw a perfect circle around the moon had formed of the clouds again, but this time inverse - the clouds were the rim and the rainbow inside the rim. The clouds looked like a halo around the black inside. It seemed like angels had come together to form the halos of the moon, to protect the feminine.

Two perfect cloud circles around the moon in one night - this was beyond magical.  We joked that the two fruits were for two circles - our bosoms of the feminine! We had been grateful for the first we witnessed, but the second was beyond expectations.

Some lighter clouds drifted in and formed a perfect three-limbed peace symbol, floating through the sky. We observed the clouds and a flash of the tree of life within the circle came before me. I laughed that it had been a long time since I'd been this capable of envisioning things beyond the ‘normal’ range of perceptions. We were drawn into the portal, feeling the depth with the stars beyond the moon and we joked of waiting for a space ship to come in and complete the beyond expectations of what we were witnessing.

The Visioning Moon

As the moon and its halo moved towards the hot tub the representation of the nipple came into our view, the nurturing aspect of the feminine to nourish and fill us all with all that we need. To care for our wellbeing from a profound sense of love.

The moon and its halo moved over us in the hot tub the circles aligned, and in awe of its synchronicity we saw the moon take the pupil of an eye.  I gazed into the centre of the pupil and the eye exploded into my perception - BOOM! As I continued to watch the pupil of the moon it streamed rays of shimmering silver blue light legs to and from the Earth. Energy changing between the Divine Feminine and Earth herself: co-creating our existence.

I closed my eyes as a wave of cool air washed over my face, bathing in the smooth sensation as my body stayed perfectly warm in the hot tub. When I opened my eyes BANG! I was third eye centre looking at the moon - wisdom searing into my mind. I closed my eyes not ready for the intensity and when I reopened them it had not moved - wisdom searing into my mind. It seemed like the moon hovered over the third eye for longer than any other time, and then slowly the clouds began to disperse.

Goddess of Compassion

We embraced the knowledge that the Divine Feminine brought our smaller physical beings into existence with our Divine self to co-create. That we were embracing the greater wisdom for all on the planet so that we can contribute our creative parts to the healing of this world. We felt the strong relief from suffering: Kwan Yin the Goddess of Compassion. Flooding her rays of compassion on the Earth; her choice to place the palms of her hand’s on Earth to ease our suffering.

I began to jump for joy in the hot tub, the sensation of ecstatic love beyond words. The download from the stars so immense and my head full of Divine experience beyond comprehension. We had felt the union of the feminine for all of Earth, her healing to be delivered and bring us all into balance, the nurturing of the water for all the seas and their creatures across the world. The gentle movement of the clouds flowing reflected the movement of light easeful water in air and space - our creativity to be expressed from our wisdom self.

We were blessed twice over to witness the clouds form rings around the moon, and move in perfect synchronicity with the moon. We thanked those that had brought us to be together. We agreed that ancient spiritual beliefs would easily have been founded on such experiences. There are no words to describe such an experience as to witness this, we went back to sounds and vibrations - OM or AUM in the yoga tradition is the highest state for all states of existence to come together. Our night was OMy Goddess! 

Embracing your inner Goddess

Many of us struggle to nurture our true self. We reflect much of what we need out to others. To nurture yourself:

  • Moon bathe
  • Dance (under the stars is more fun)
  • Wear feminine loose clothes
  • Get a massage or some kinds of gentle hands on treatment
  • Play with nature and flowers
  • Do less - aim to do less than 3 things a day
  • Look for the feminine in nature - bosoms, wombs, curves & show them gratitude
  • Allow the flow of life, like the flow of blood in women is natural and vital for health


Please note that science calls this "22-degree halo" explains this as: ice crystals in the atmosphere, specifically thin cirrus or cirrostratus clouds are present at an altitude of 20,000 feet. But this only explains the second halo that we saw, the first halo was the reverse where the clouds formed the circle and looked like Earth with the sun rising outside of the halo from behind the rim.