Coincidences on Transport 


Both the women who owned the retreats that I worked in repeatedly said “There are no coincidences, all is meant to happen”. But as a fellow yoga teacher told me “Coincidence means that there are two paths meant to meet together”.  


Endlessly as I travelled I witnessed people who met others with several commonalities in their lives, for example the guest that grew up in Preston, Arizona and the new yoga teacher lived in Preston, Arizona “what a coincidence!”  they kept saying.  The rational Nid acknowledged that we meet those alike us because we make similar choices due to our similar experiences, perceptions, beliefs and constructs of life – therefore, probability is in your favour for coincidences. There is no need to attribute a larger meaning or purpose behind the coincidence than mathematics.


Others would say that coincidences were because we are meeting to learn something with one another. A reflection in one another that we need for the larger conscious experience of the collective. Although I genuinely know that we are all interconnected on an energetic and larger consciousness, my little Nid head found the larger web of coincidences still a statistical phenomenon.

The Matrix

Two months after my accident I went to a healer friend of mine. He used a new technique that included him being a vessel for other healers to come through to treat the person. At the time, he told me various healers had come to heal me and their relevance.  I could take this on a larger conscious conceptual level – that we are all interconnected in a larger consciousness that means when in specific states we open ourselves to other connections and communications. This is like psychics and mediums, who I take no issue with. We perceive such a tiny percentage of the full spectrum of light and sound, why think there isn’t more that we do not perceive in our ‘normal waking state’.

In my Costa Rican jungle trip, I saw the hexagonal matrix that connects us all to one another, so that we can connect and communicate with one another.  I witnessed why when I truly need help it always appears, but when my ego wants a hand it does not appear. Like The Matrix movie, the layer that covers our connections was removed and I could see that there are no coincidences, but our larger conscious selves creating connections to enable and enhance our experience in life.


Airport Lounging

The day before I departed San Francisco I received a text from my friend who had been living in Japan for the past year asking if I was still in the USA.  I told her I was departing the following day to which she responded “Are you flying out of San Fran? I have a layover there…?” As our text conversation unfolded her layover was my 2 hour wait for my flight.


We met past security and drank a juice together. She lives in Austin, Texas and me in London, England – yet here we were meeting in San Francisco airport completely by chance with 90 minutes together.

Our stories were similar about our lessons and wisdom from our experiences. Our shared apprehension at returning to our ‘old’ lives. We had discovered our connection with ourselves, we had both met joy and said farewell to our prior depression. Both unclear as to what or where next for our lives, but excited to watch it unfold. It was intense. It was surreal and so wonderful.

How could I put this tiny window of time and a place down to my statistical probabilities?  Too many elements were at play for this chance meeting. The matrix had been at play.  Our souls knew that we needed to connect, to support each another in this transition.  A physical hug mid-transit to acknowledge our true connections could integrate our new selves into our old lives, regardless of our apprehensions.  We were mirrors of each other.  Our souls knew we needed this brief yet vital time, so our paths coincided.


Coincidences are reflections

When you accept that coincidences are designed events by your deeper self to reflect at you what you need to learn, the richness of each life experience will bring endless gifts.

  • The coincidence may not be obvious or apparent at the outset.
  • Coincidence is for your higher self not your little self. Stop, allow quiet, stillness, space – what is your higher self-seeking from this experience?
  • The reflection may not be one you desire to see in yourself, so you may not ‘see’ it.
  • If the reflection is one you do not desire then it is time to connect with yourself, perhaps you are off course from your higher self?


It happened again back in London. Twice.

My massage training course of 16 students included my new colleague for our summer in Greece. We had no idea that the other had booked for the training, having only met once prior we had no communications with one another until the tutor email us all and she saw my name on the chain! We supported each other through the training, our preparations for 5 months working in Greece and confidence building.

As I sat on the bus to an appointment in an area I don't often visit, I looked up and saw a friend. A sparkling light who has been going through similar transitions to me at this time. We both had to get off at the same stop and just enough time for a raw coconut hot chocolate. The 'coincidence' was natural to both of us. We had both wanted to see each other. There is a larger spiritual support in our transition back to London that we both have each other.

What a blessing. What a gift. What love we have for ourselves that our larger selves bring us to connect. What unconditional love we share with each other.