Letting Go 


With the anniversary of my accident on New Year’s Day I began to set a goal for each calendar year. In 2016 it was “To let go of what no longer serves me” and throughout the year I made decisions that were unexpected to all. The larger realisation of this goal was that if I did not let go then there cannot be space for the new and larger expansion into my life; my true happiness. As I left Nicaragua this week I felt that sadness of letting go of a beautiful life experience – people that I had met had opened my eyes to new ideas, and I had felt answers to longing questions – was leaving this place the end of my self-discovery? I had settled and made friends that I enjoyed talking to, I would miss them and am uncertain if I may see them again.

2017 for me is about “expanding into my full true self” and this means to take some space to hear my inner guide, to know what makes me happy and well. I chose this trip to deepen my spiritual connection and discover my larger self. If I do not let go of each experience then I cannot make space for the next level of depth to uncover. I knew that leaving Nicaragua behind creates the space for my next turning of self-discovery.

It is often said that the poor person is happier than the rich. Is this because they have nothing to lose? Some of us hold onto things we live in a fear of loss, but at The Retreat in Costa Rica we discussed hoarding and how the more physical possessions that we have, the more energy is stored that stops us from moving forward. Both in Nicaragua and Costa Rica, letting go arose when relation to death - either fear for our own mortality or grief at the loss of a loved one.

All nutritionists will tell you that it eating well is only a part of the process to being well; you must excrete the bad stuff. Traditional Chinese Medicine, yoga and Pilates all teach the exhale is vital to make space for clean nourishing fresh air. The fear of loss and stagnancy of material possessions prevents us from embracing the abundance of the world that surrounds us and fully living in our life.

How to let go:

  1. What do you really & truly want in your life?
  2. What is stopping you?
  3. Why do you allow that to stop you?
  4. What fear is at the base of your holding on?
  5. Why do you allow that fear to stop you from having what you truly want and deserve?
  6. Accept your fear and the why you’re holding back are ok. Do not judge yourself.
  7. Forgive yourself for holding back and others for their part in your holding back
  8. Make a choice of where you can put your energy
  9. Let it go again, and again, and again.

Letting go of things will come around again and again in different guises. The layers of release can take some time and self-reflection to release the depth at which you’re holding on. That is ok, it is all fascinating as part of your life.

But when you let go, you have more energy, more consistent good moods, you sleep better and have less headaches because your mind, body and spirit are more free.