Sea of stars 


Our final night of yoga teacher training in Costa Rica included swimming with bioluminescent plankton under the stars. As I moved in the sea I created stars in the sea of moving plankton. The two combined reminded me of the idea a larger consciousness guiding me through life. As I swam a friend yelped excitedly "It's like tripping on LSD" nearby. I just watched the sea of stars above and below me, enraptured by my ability to cause the small stars (aka plankton) move at my behest. Occasionally a little fish would bite me as it tried to eat the plankton and I realised this experience is life.

2017 is about self expansion for me. To realise my new full self post my head injury and heal completely. This means hearing my inner voice to guide me and taking the space to do this.

In my sea of stars I saw that the stars above were the universal consciousness of all of our existence - distant, an all knowing unknown, old, wise... the ever expanding space. The plankton in the sea was my physical life  - when I chose to move the sea of stars responded with tonnes of patterns that occasionally got me bitten by a fish. Just as my choices to act in life result in many beautiful things around me and the occasional pain from that choice.

As I swam in the stars 360 around me I felt the connection of the universal consciousness larger me and the smaller me that is in my physical body. I am travelling to hear those stars above me more clearly, but maybe I just need to accept the stars below will always have the odd bite.

Perhaps the experience was trippy for some, but for me it was affirming of our existence and how we live. I felt so contentedly happy, loved, safe, alone, in control, protected, grateful, trusting, and beautiful about life and death.