How to plan travelling? 


Where to go?

Anxiety, anxiety, overwhelm of information, memory loss with language, anxiety, fear of vulnerability, on bad days who will look after me? Where do I go? How to find information in a foreign language? What will I enjoy?  What if I run out of money? How do I avoid the annoying people. How will I sleep in shared dorms when I can have sleep issues, or worse, a migraine.

So many questions, overwhelm. I don't know where to go or what I want to do. I just want to heal.

It strikes me - nature is healing. Costa Rica is known for it's wildlife and nature. Great we have a family holiday planned for there. So I can tag onto the flights. Second, I picked a yoga teacher training to make the trip purposeful and focus my healing energy. Part one is sorted.

Then how long am I staying after? Not too sure yet, but a 90 day visa and flights expire in April - so the goal is 10 more weeks. That should be enough to process my spiritual development from the yoga teacher training, get some other experiences and space to enjoy nature.

What comes after the yoga teacher training?  Still not sure. I have an offer to work from February in Nicaragua. But that gives me 14 days to do something aside travel. I read books about areas...overwhelm. Think I'm going to wait until I've got to the training and then decide.


Next is my budget for the trip. A rough timescale means I need to look at my savings and set a cap. I check the travel blogs about cost of travelling in Costa Rica and then look at work exchange sites for opportunities to reduce my cost of living. I can feel overwhelm kicking in again, so STOP.

Go back to the beginning. I have 4 days to get to the training after my family leaves. Let's deal with this part:

Step 1: Research transport between cities - bus? Plane? No trains. Bus is affordable.

Step 2: Find shared rooms in well reviewed hostels near the bus stations, if possible.

I can go with a weekly average from the blog sites. Keep a tally in my book & trust that it will work out perfectly!


What to take?

This was easy, but I still reckon I missed a solid hoody for all weathers! I read the blogs for the areas I was visiting. Picked the items that were generally agreed, packed those. Packed about 8 times over a month! Purchased some random items like 'sporks' so I can eat on the move.

Lots of pain killers in the event of migraines. Melatonin to help with sleep as I change time zones. Nausea pills.

Here is my life for the next 3 months:

  1. 55 litre backpack
  2. 15 litre ruck sack 
  3. Carry bag for food items