Brain Improvement Program: Learning

Why keep on learning?

Key to improving the brain is to keep learning new things, i.e. keep the brain active. You build new connections as you learn and as you keep challenging the brain with new information, it keeps the new connections alive for longer; building on the tracks.

It is likely that you'll be bad at some things and you probably avoid what you're bad at as you get older.  However, challenging yourself with things you're not so good at will help your brain function better.  Keep going even if you're thinking "no way".

Another issue is to keep motivated to get smarter.  The more difficult the task the more effective it will be on your training and improvement.

Learning Owl

Brain injury note:

If you have a brain injury you need REST most importantly so manage this very carefully and slowly, starting with 5 minutes at a time maximum. Build the time up as you show consistent improvement over a period of time e.g. 1 month and not rushing to the next level.


Pick a new skill to learn that isn’t within your adult comfort zone, but maybe something you have enjoyed in the past.

I picked a new language, Spanish, although I was never any good at them!  That way I didn't get upset when I was very slow at learning it!  I used a free mobile app called Duolingo.  You can also use brain training games like Lumosity to help build up your cognitive skills up until you have the confidence to learn a whole new skill.