Avocado & Orange Smoothie

This is a banana-free super smooth & good for your brain smoothie! The zingy citrus helps wake you up in the morning too!  I've found avocados a great mood booster on those dark days - something about the creamy, smooth texture and lots of great brain nutrients seems to have really helped my brain get back in gear.

Time : 3-5 minutes


Noggin Fix:

Avocados have oleic acid which helps build the myelin sheaths around the neurons in the brain. The myelin sheaths are important for helping information travel around the brain at higher speeds. Avocados also are high in vitamin E and omega 3s helping memory loss and boosts concentration, but also contain good doses of iron, copper, magnesium and potassium - all brain energizing foods.  Another bonus of the green fruit is that it reduces high blood pressure thus helping blood flow around the body and brain! Finally, every ingredient in this smoothie is super high in vitamin C (totally over 300%*) and there is a good amount of vitamin B-6 (15%), manganese and magnesium.

*Percentages are of your Recommended Daily Allowance

Avocado & Orange Smoothie

Serves 1


1 x Avocado, pip & skin removed 2 x Oranges, juice 1 x Lime, juice 1 cup x apple juice (or 3 fresh apples in a juicer)



  1. Combine all ingredients into a blender & blend until smooth!

TIP:  If you don't have a Vitamix or juicer, then buy a hand citrus juicer