Winning Summer Salad

I love this salad!  It is nutritious and filling with lots of healthy unsaturated fats.

Time : 5 minutes


Noggin Fix:

Thanks to salmon, pumpkin seeds and pine nuts this salad has over 100%* of vitamins B-12 and D, manganese and almost 60% magnesium, over 60% omega 3s, over 55% B-6, 20% Vitamin E.  Plus, the goats cheese gives you 8% calcium that helps your body absorb vitamin D & magnesium.  A further excess of 100% vitamin C can be found from the peppers, avocado and tomatoes, and there is a bonus 25% vitamin A, Q-10 and vitamin K too that help neuroplasticity and learning in adulthood, vitamin K supports episodic memory which helps you remember where you left your keys! The Q10 increases mitochondria in the brain, which helps with energy  too.  So, this salad will help fatigue, memory, co-ordination, concentration, headaches, depression & anxiety, and insomnia - a winning salad!

*Percentages are of your Recommended Daily Allowance.

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Serves 1 large or 2 starter



1 head x gem lettuce, sliced 2 x celery sticks, diced 4 x cherry tomatoes, halved 1/2 x avocado, diced 1/2 pepper, diced 50 g x smoked salmon, diced 1 tsp x pumpkin seeds 1 tsp x pine nuts, toasted 30 g x soft goats cheese, roughly chopped Drizzle x Extra Virgin Olive oil Drizzle x Balsamic vinegar Salt & pepper to season


  1. Compile all ingredients in a bowl, drizzle over olive oil & balsamic vinegar, season to taste.