Energy Balls

Exhaustion is such an issue with a brain injury, so you find yourself reaching for all kinds of sugary treats to get you through the day.  Inspired by the 'Bounce' energy balls, here is a simple recipe so you can make your own.  There is no cooking involved, but you'll need a blender to mix it all up. General rule of how to make them, no measurements needed & no specific ingredients as you just have to get the consistency & following some basics set out in the instructions.

Time : 5-10 minutes


Noggin Fix:

Depends on what you put in them!  Essentials will be a nut butter, nuts, seeds and dried fruits.   Nut butter is very high in vitamins E and D, which means that it is claimed to help attention and memory issues. With a good dose of manganese (over 40%*) and a mixture of the B vitamins, this snack principally helps with fatigue and managing emotional issues.  Depending on what else you choose to put in the balls will affect how much they help your brain function.

*Percentage is of your Recommended Daily Allowance


Energy Ball

Makes 6 balls



Rough amounts are:

1 -2 tbsp x Nut butter - almond or peanut is fine

1 tbsp x Agave nectar or blossom nectar if you need a sweetener

1/4 cup x Nuts - almonds, walnuts, cashews,

1/4 cup x Flaxseed or some other powder, e.g. protein or hemp

4-6 x Dried fruits e.g. dates, figs, cherries, raspberries, blueberries

1 tbsp x Chocolatey taste? Cocoa nibs are great for a dark intense flavour

1/2 tbsp x Coconut oil

Coconut flakes to cover balls



  1. In food processor, add nuts & grind to powdery texture.
  2. Add flaxseed or powder & dried fruits to ground nuts, grind all together.
  3. Add dried fruits & cocoa nibs (if using) & grind all together.
  4. Add nut butter & sweetener (if using) & grind all together.
  5. The texture should be sticky enough to roll into balls.
  6. Place coconut flakes on a plate & roll the balls around until covered in flakes.
  7. Place in fridge for 30 minutes or freezer for 5 minutes, to set.  Consume within 7 days.