Peppers stuffed with Baby Beetroot

Oops! I'd eaten it all before I remembered to take a photo - so delicious!  This makes a yummy snack!
Time : 5-10 minutes depending your grill
Noggin Fix:
Bell peppers have well over 100%* of your RDA for Vitamin C plus 10% RDA of B-6, whilst baby beetroot is rich in B-6 with lots of magnesium and manganese.  This makes this dish great for insomnia, depression, anxiety and dizziness.
* Percentages are of your Recommended Daily Amount

Serves 2


2 x bell peppers, halved
150 g x baby beetroot (pre-cooked), sliced


  1. Grill the peppers until they are soft & slightly golden on the edges.
  2. Place the beetroot inside the peppers & enjoy!