Tai Chi Bubble Breathing

Once you're comfortable with the Tai Chi Baton Breathing exercise you can move on to this exercise.  It takes a bit more thought so may be too much on some days especially when getting used to it, but eventually you'll find it quite calming. This exercise will focus your mind and requires split attention, which is great for training your brain to get back to multi-tasking and flexibility of attention.

Tai Chi Bubble Breathing

Tai Chi Bubble Breathing

Sitting or standing for this meditation is fine.

  1. Close your eyes and take 5 slow, calm breaths.

  2. Imagine the Baton between your naval and pituitary, it is gently moving with your breaths in and out. Do this for another 5 breaths.

  3. Now imagine a balloon around your body - maybe 2 or 6 inches outside your body. It protects and shields you. It can glow a colour if you feel this helps - I always found iridescent purple very soothing.

  4. As you inhale the balloon gets closer to your body (like a balloon deflating slightly) and as you exhale, the balloon is bigger and stronger. Keep imagining the balloon as you breath in & out. Do this for at least 5 minutes but 10 minutes will really help calm your mind.

  5. If you can, combine the Baton with the Balloon as you breathe. If it becomes too stressful, just focus on the Balloon for now until you get used to it.

  6. Add the Baton in for a couple of breaths, and keep increasing it until you can combine them.

Tip:  I like to do it standing on public transport or busy places when you often feel your space being invaded, which can make you feel stressed.  This exercise makes you feel that you have regained that personal space, even if only internally.