Super busy few weeks...

Unexpectedly some things came up that made me super busy for the last 3 weeks.  Cooking was something I really struggled to have any time for and I was too exhausted to come up with anything new.  So, I ate things I've already posted on here and really had to make sure I did the mindfulness exercises. Here's what I ate and hope I coped


mackerel & quinoa salad Crustless tofu quiches Broccoli salad Chicken and lettuce sandwich (new recipe)


peppers with baby beetroot  Sweet potato & mackerel daal Chickpeas & Tomato curry


In the evenings to unwind and let my brain rest I took the The Relaxation Journey exercise.

When I was at work and needed to take a break I would do the Tai Chi Baton Breathing at my desk.  I could do it for 2-3 minutes just to let my brain chill and refocus.

I found attending some gentle yoga classes with an emphasis on pranayama (breathing) and meditation ensured that I took a full hour lunch break and came back with a clearer mind and better attention.