The Relaxation Journey

It is important to have a safe, protected, personal place in your mind where you go when things are hard, especially during your rehabilitation.  It should have at least one daily visit from you.
You can tailor this exercise if you don't like the sea, but it must have a downward sensation to replicate the deep level relaxation that you want to achieve, e.g. you can travel to the earth's core.  If you want me to make a recording of this as my experience is that reading is difficult, then please let me know.
Lie down comfortably without any body parts crossing, face your palms to the sky and gently close your eyes.

Relaxation journey

Imagine you're lying on a soft, warm sandy beach that supports your body; gently caressing your shape & moulding to your muscles.  Feel the warm sun gently penetrating your skin as you can smell your warm skin.  Hear the sounds of people playing and talking on the beach, but they are too far to hear any words; it is just a muffle. You are secluded enough not to be disturbed by anyone, but there is life around you.  There is a slight breeze and you can hear the wind gently moving some bushes nearby.
Draw your attention closer so that you can hear the waves lapping near to your feet, slow and gently, in and out.  Your breathing is in time with the waves and as each breath draws in you can feel the waves coming closer, bringing cleansing salt water to your feet and minerals to feed your soles.  As the waves come in your body soaks up those minerals and as the waves recede they wash any impurities away.
Slowly each wave travels up your body, it cleanses each part of your body & washing away impurities.  First the feet, hen the ankles, calves, knees, thighs, hips, pelvis, abdomen, lungs, heart, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, neck and finally your head.  Now you are totally cleansed, your body is lighter than the sea water, it is purified.
The next wave carries you out to sea so that you float on the top of the sea waves.  Each wave gently rocks your body which is so relaxed that is gently rocks with each wave.
You drift away on the water until you are far away from land and people.  You are alone and all there is around you is clear blue sky & clear blue sea.  Enjoy being alone with no one to disturb you & look gently at the clear blue around you.  You are your own bubble, as though you are in a plastic inflated bag; protected and safe.
Gently you begin to sink down between the water creating a cavern as you sink but your bubble stops water from covering where you have come from.  You can see the sky above the water as you sink deeper, all the time feeling safe in your bubble.  You keep sinking and sinking deep into the ocean.  It is still warm in your bubble so the depth is comfortable and the colours gently become darker hues of blue.
Eventually you sink so low that it is no longer blue, but black.   You cannot see the sky at the end of the tunnel you created from sinking down, but you know that it is there if you want to return to the world.  You are safe, warm, away from distractions & the world.   Look around you (in your mind don't actually open your eyes) - it is black.  There is nothing but you here, this is your space - you are alone, safe and protected.  Nothing can come here, nothing can find you, no one knows this place except for you.
Keep using your eyes to see the black, the nothing is there to never disturb you.  This is your place to enjoy, relax & hang out, so just be there.  Stay as long as you need to in this place.
When you're ready to come out, slowly float up to the surface of the sea.  Bob on the waves for a while before floating back to the beach.  Let the water wash away and come back to the sound of the people at the beach.
Then gently wiggle your fingers & toes before you open your eyes and rejoin the world.