Egg, Kale & Kippers

filling and rounded breakfast to start the week.  This can take a bit of time juggling so I'll set out the times in order.

Time : 20 minutes



Noggin Fix:

With over 100%* omega 3s, and vitamins B-12,  A and C this dish starts your day with a memory and energy boost.  There is also 30% vitamin D & B-6 with 40% manganese and over 10% magnesium to boost your brain's energy, co-ordination, emotional stability for the day and help you get to sleep at night.

*Percentages are of your Recommended Daily Allowance

Egg kale & kippers

Serves 2


2 x kipper fillets, smoked 50 g x kale (pre-cut up) 2 x medium eggs 2 x slices rye bread Salt & pepper (chilli salt is great for the kale)


  1. Cook kippers  - if in a bag then boil in the bag for 14 minutes or grill them 1 minute on top side then 5 minutes.
  2. Steam kale for 7 minutes.
  3. Grill or toast rye bread.
  4. Meanwhile, boil eggs for 4-7 minutes depending on how hard you like the yolk.
  5. Combine on plate & season with salt & pepper to taste.  If you have chilli salt I think this adds something extra delicious!