Sometimes people benefit more from individual attention in a 121 setting. We can provide these personalised sessions in a meeting room or even in a hired space nearby to your work.

Clinics are 3-4 hours on-site allowing for several 30 or 60 minute private consultations in the following services.
Booking consultations one after the other allows the cost per session to be kept relatively low.
Staff must pre-book their slot to ensure that the sessions run smoothly without any unnecessary gaps. 

  • Yoga Therapy

  • Massage

  • Osteopathy / Physiotherapy Clinics for injuries, posture or physical issues

  • Pilates


yoga therapy clinics

Yoga Therapy uses bespoke yoga practices (movement, breath, meditation) to help improve an individual’s health & wellbeing in their desired direction. We offer Yoga Therapy clinics in your office for staff to attend with prior booking.

private pilates

To address specific postural issues, injuries from repetitive workplace activities Pilates can be a great aid! Practical exercises can improve your day-to-day experience in the office and create a better feeling of wellbeing at work. 


massage clinics

Our massage therapists come to your office and provide 60 minute sessions to relieve tension, ease muscle soreness and provide some nurturing. This reset can refresh the mind and body for the week!

osteopathy and physiotherapy clinics

Where there may be more specific physical issues, some people prefer to see an osteopath or physiotherapist for treatment. We partner with experts around London to offer at work clinics for your staff. Saving them and you time off work to ease their body and mind.