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We have recently done a 6 week group course in pilates with Omega Movement at Hays and felt the evening class worked well to learn bout different breathing techniques and de-stress after a long day. The areas on posture and ways to improve your exercise techniques are particularly useful as the small changes have made a good impact on my normal routine. We have already signed up for further courses in the autumn – highly recommended
— Hays Recruitment


Our wellbeing courses bring together various mind-body forms through a modern day and business centred approach. Our approach begins with physical internal awareness, where we can develop greater awareness of our external world and our relationships within it.  Our bespoke courses are for your workplace to face practical daily challenges in your workspace. We even offer ongoing support and reviews following our courses.

We offer:

  • Pilates matwork courses

  • Yoga Courses including vinyasa flow, gentle flow, yoga nidra, hatha, yin, restorative yoga, Ashtanga,  Power Flow

  • Meditation and Mindfulness courses

  • Bespoke courses to meet your needs

how we work: 

  • Classes can be paid by the company (taxable benefit for all), subsidised or paid as a course by the staff. 
  • We offer online booking and payment so your office doesn't have to manage it if staff pay. 
  • Courses are usually 6 weeks long with each class weekly for 55-60 minutes.
  • Provide mats for the course if necessary. 
  • Include free review consultations with us on how to engage your staff.
  • We provide FREE promotional text for all courses to send to your staff.
  • Free surveys for staff after for feedback and analysis.
  • Starts at £500 for 6 week course.

Not sure what to choose?

Don’t worry. We’re experts at what we do, so you don’t need to be. We are here to support and guide you in building your workplace wellbeing offering. We will happily talk you through the different techniques and their benefits, so that you can make an informed choice.