Weekly Classes 


Not sure what to choose?

Don’t worry. We’re experts at what we do, so you don’t need to be. We are here to support and guide you in building your workplace wellbeing offering. We will happily talk you through the different techniques and their benefits, so that you can make an informed choice.

Weekly classes are a great way for your employers to relieve stress, rejuvenate and relax. By offering a regular wellbeing routine you are helps to build and sustain a mindful and healthy workplace culture.  Classes can take place on-site and are a way to encourage relationship building amongst colleagues.  We can help with moving furniture and provide mats for the class.

We offer:

We take the hassle out of coordinating classes:

  • Classes can be paid by the company (taxable benefit for all), subsidised or paid as a course by the staff.

  • We offer online booking and payment so your office doesn't have to manage it the classes, if payment is required by staff.

  • Classes are usually 55-60 minutes in duration and weekly.

  • £85 per hour class, paid monthly in advance.  

  • 6 week courses for specific issue e.g. anxiety can also be tailored to focus on areas of interest.

  • £570 for the course, £95 per weekly tailored 55–60 minute class

We have weekly Pilates and Yoga classes with Omega Movement. I’m a former ‘yoga-phobe’ but can now say that the Monday yoga classes are one of the highlights of my week! Becky, our instructor, is great – very welcoming, great at both accommodating different abilities and also building our strength and technique every week which is something that we have all noticed. Molly and Nid at Omega have been fab to work with, really easy to arrange classes, the instructors have been of a high quality, and they’ve always been quick to sort a replacement if, for example, an instructor is ill, and to keep us informed. We definitely recommend them.
— Origin Housing