Yoga Therapy Full Program - 6 weeks

Yoga Therapy Full Program - 6 weeks


Designed for use over 4-6 weeks where the therapist meets the client in person first, and then has x4 online sessions before reviewing the practice and progress in person again for the second in person session. 

This is for UK only clients due to in person element of service. 

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What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy's focus is to find relief from a health condition or symptom; whether it's physical, mental or emotional in nature; unlike a yoga class; where the focus is to learn yoga through general physical or mental practices.  

Yoga therapy applies bespoke yoga practices as an intervention to the client's health challenge; in order to meet the individual needs of the client in a holistic way - as such the therapy will address the health condition but will also address with the client's relationship to it. 

Yoga therapy sessions take place 121 and the therapist and client work together to find the best practices to meet the client’s needs. The client receives written notes and an audio recording after the session, so that they can do a short practice on their own between sessions.

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