Nutrition Consults - Hourly

Nutrition Consults - Hourly


Megan bases her personalized plans for clients on their very unique needs and current lifestyle. Each session is 1 hour in length.

After your initial free consult, your first session together will include an intake and each following session you will be given mindfulness practices and nutritional adjustments to incorporate each day.

Options to reduce the hourly rate when you purchase multiple hours in a bulk payment.

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Megan’s passion is helping people fall in love with food while making each meal a truly pleasurable experience. With her clients she helps to heal their relationship with food and body by guiding them to trust their innate body wisdom and inviting them to step out of diet mentality. Megan uses Ayurvedic nutritional techniques to guide her clients back into a state of balance with their health.

She is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner specializing in the psychology of eating. She develops personalized programs for her clients so that healthy living can be effortless and enjoyable.