Conscious Changer - Healthy Habit 2019

Conscious Changer - Healthy Habit 2019

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Have you ever registered for online subscriptions only not to use them? 

Do you want something more tailored to your mood that week and a teacher to motivate you to practice?

Then this pack is for you. Deepen your self-inquiry in your chosen movement practice with the support of a great teacher.

Each week you receive a new practice from your teacher designed for you. Your own video + 1 or 2 live online sessions with your teacher each week to review technique.

What do you get with this pack?

START with 1 x 30 min online consultation to agree your intentions & past barriers

PROVIDED with 6 x personalised 30 minute yoga or Pilates sequences, that progress & evolve with you 
WEEKLY live 30 minute sessions in which you do your sequences (a new one each week) with Nid or Molly: 

a) 1 session a week for £285 (£20 for each of your personalised sequences & £25 per online session) 

b) 2 sessions week for £320 (£20 for each of your personalised sequences & £16.70 per online session)


Buy for you + a friend and receive a free extra 30 mins session for you!

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Benefits of this approach:

  • Plateaus happen and variety trains the mind-body in variants for resilience and flexibility.

  • The brain and muscles keep building new connections for better memory and reduce the likelihood of overuse injuries.

  • Designed sequences just for your body, mind and energy needs each week.

  • Live online sessions with your teacher to make sure you actually practice! 

  • Feel fit in your body, mind and soul for 2019

  • Be motivated and inspired by your personal teacher

  • Improve your technique and alignment

  • See the visible progress in your chosen movement form

  • Focus the mind for better wellbeing

  • Balance the breath for a calmer life

  • Celebrate your body and what it gives you

  • Be accountable and disciplined to your practice

  • Feel empowered and confident of your own personal practice

  • Compassionate connection with your teacher

Other benefits are:

  • Your own filmed sequence(s), tailored to your goals and designed just for you, so your 2019 will begin ‘aligned’. You can return to these practices after the 6 weeks.

  • If you can't get to a class it is important to have someone check your technique and alignment. 

  • Motivation, support and connection are vital to humans and this is what your teacher provides. 

  • Practices are 20-30 minutes in duration, so that they fit more easily into your day.