Transformation At Home with Nid - 8 hours

Transformation At Home with Nid - 8 hours


Transformation at Home with Nid: 8 hours online

Life guarantees change. Get support, empowered and ready to jump with joy!

At 8 hours of work with Nid you are looking for CHANGE. This pack still uses all that Nid offers, but with more focus on larger life shifts.

An intuitive Nid delivers mind, body & soul training for body, mind, energy and more.

Her blended approach is easy, fun and gets results because it responds to you.

Get motivated, disciplined, commit to you whilst enjoying the process.

She will always bring a smile to your face.

Choose from any of the following to focus on in your sessions:

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This is a 4 month pack of 2 hours per month (8 hours total) to focus on how you want to make changes in your life.

Session content can be selected from: Functional fitness, Pilates, Yoga, meditation, breath work, yoga nidra, Reiki healing, Tarot reading, Soul Realignment profiling and Law of Attraction guidance.

Can be used in 30 minute, 45 minute or 60 minute sessions.

Transformation with Nid


““I absolutely LOVE the sessions, and flexibility of the program. You intuitively know what I need even when I don’t!””

— P

  • Prevent injuries with better physical understanding of alignment

  • Get a Positive Mindset

  • Feel and Be Supported in life changes

  • Confidence in your Intuition

  • Be Empowered in Your Decision Making

  • Be Accountable to Yourself

  • Improved Feeling of Wellbeing

  • Heal Energetic Blocks of the Subtle Body

  • Peer-support with like-minded people in the Transformations Group

  • Commercially minded business support for new careers and ventures

  • Study tips if you’re learning a new subject (from someone always scoring over 85% in exams)

“Your intuition and empathy are greatly appreciated and I just need your ideas, experience, support and back-up to make further progress.”



  • You realised that you weren't enjoying your life

  • Illness or injury can result in significant life changes whether mental or physical

  • Becoming a Parent or Seeing your children leave home

  • Career change

  • City vs Country lifestyle change

  • Relationship changes

  • New wellbeing professionals for business set-up and skill development

  • Maybe it is just your time for you to go a bit deeper into your larger ‘Self’!


Mixed modality coaching with Nid brings movement, meditation, energy healing and mentoring conversations that reflect what is best for you in the present moment.

  • FREE 30-minute initial consultation to agree intentions and terms of work together

  • 8 hours x Private 1-2-1 sessions over 4 months (can be 30or 60 mins) – select Yoga, Pilates, Functional Mind-Body Training, Meditation, Tarot Reading, Mentoring or Energy Healing (distance Reiki), or we go with the flow!

  • 4 x Meditations mp3 downloads

  • Worksheets to support your progress (as applicable for you)

  • Access to the Transformations Group on Facebook – Peer Support is proven vital to help with life changes

  • Discounts and FREE offers on other Omega Movement services including retreats and curated videos just for you!

  • Honest referrals to specialists outside of my field e.g. nutritionists or acupuncture.

“I feel like these sessions are a wonderful value... you’ve been very generous with your time. You are very responsive and quick to post very specific and thoughtful updates/feedback. It’s super professional and I appreciate how reliable you are!!!
I absolutely LOVED the Reiki and the tarot.