At Home Client Reviews


Pilates & Yoga

I have trained for many different sports over the years, but it was not until I started yoga and pilates with Omega Movement that I began to learn what proper movement is. It has been a journey of discovery, undoing past injuries, preventing new ones and getting stronger and more flexible along the way. It has required a shift in mindset – this is not a competitive endeavour – but if you think that means it’s easy you are quite mistaken! Nid, Rish and others genuinely care, and move you along at a pace that suits you, but aren’t afraid to push you. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you’ll benefit from the expert tuition they offer.
— Aidan
“Love the classes. I have really felt how they have helped me with the changes in my body - from changing my work situation to throughout my pregnancy.”
— Louise
“I had two great one to one sessions of Pilates with Nid and I would recommend it. Nid came created a routine of exercises tailored to the problems I have  with my back and they have been very useful. The video is great, because it reminds me clearly of what I need to look out for and what shall I concentrate on whilst doing the exercises. It’s easy to book and everybody is very friendly.”
— Raffaela
“I felt the benefits from the start - Nid’s focussed classes have really improved my back pain and helped with my climbing.”
— Gavin
Nid runs a wonderful pilates and yoga practice. She and the teachers associated with Omega, are extremely knowledgeable in their fields. When I first met Nid in a group class standing in for another teacher, she showed me such useful modifications of exercises which as a result worked much better for me than they had in the year of me attending that class.

This inspired me to approach Nid for private pilates classes. I never looked back! Nid is the only teacher I know who is focused on her clients’ wellbeing in a way that it is unparallelled in my experience.

Our practice started out with me learning to breathe correctly. It was as basic as that - much of certain painful body experience was the result of me not breathing properly from the abdomen as we all should. We slowly built up from there, until Nid had designed a complete body workout for me which is achievable, easy to remember and only takes 20 minutes of my time whenever I choose to practise.
— Birgit

Reiki Healing

I LOVE my recording!! Utterly amazing, it’s like you are inside my head, heart and body❤. You are a very special angel, thank you sooo much xxx
— Kathi
I certainly felt more relaxed and focused after the session. I’ve also noticed not so much discomfort around my sacrum.
— TK
Thanks for the healing, I really enjoyed listening to it. Loved the waves breaking in the shore and busy birdsong. In particular, I liked the bit about resting my eyes and being myself in work to create more loving relationships. At times, I felt exposed. Wonderful, so positive.
— Patricia
Thank you so much for the lovely session yesterday. I really enjoyed it, I do reiki to myself but it’s really nice to be able to relax and receive a session! It was quiet strong, especially to my legs which make sense of what you said about grounding!
— Marianna

Tarot Reading

I really appreciated the reading and am already starting to make some changes in how I approach things - feeling that the cards which were meant for me in that moment for me to better understand myself and life were pulled, and that you did such a beautiful job in reading and helping me seeing things more clearly.
— Katie
I’m also glad we did the tarot - appreciated the external viewpoint as I wrestle with next steps. I’m starting the new year in a good place.
— Amanda