Nid's Online At Home Programs

Curated as a journey you can hop on and off with these programs to support you with where you are now. 

Nid delivers online training for movement, mindfulness, energy healing and mentoring.

Common question: How does online work? Find out more here

Movement Connects

Get back into your body!  Connect your mind and body with over 2 months of  Pilates, yoga, fascia and mind-body fitness movement to get strong, feel fit and back into a balanced body. 

With an amazing technical eye that technology cannot defy, you will be amazed at your body's changes with this short intense program. 

Intuition for Better Choices

When the mind gets busy it can be hard to hear our heart's passion or gut instinct. Combined Reiki healing and bespoke meditation practices to target your needs to quieten your mind and uncover your deepest desires. Practical practices are recorded during sessions. Mentoring is provided on how to put meditation into your daily activities so it is NOT one more thing on your list! 

Soul Realignment


Discover your Soul's gifts that make you shine. Learn more about your current karmic patterns that are holding you back. Be aware to change your choices and action for your best life.  Read from your Akashic Record you will be guided through current changes to make in your life. 

Get excited about change in your life!  Be empowered through your through changes in life, whether through choice or not. You will get clear what is aligned for you, to trust your intuition and make positive choices to enjoy your life. 

This intuitive program is flexible to guide you in the present moment to your highest self. This is a fun and flexible program that you co-design with Nid to reach your agreed intention.