At Home with Nid

An intuitive Nid delivers mind, body & soul training for body, mind, energy and more.

Her blended approach is easy, fun and gets results because it responds to you.

Get motivated, disciplined, commit to you whilst enjoying the process.

She will always bring a smile to your face.

Holistic Approach

Holistic and intuitive in nature, there is no compartmentalising working with Nid. She will bring to you what is best for you.

Her method is simple:

  1. You agree your intention and the timeframe.

  2. Nid designs a program to match and reviews it with you.

  3. You commit and turn up to private online sessions with Nid that are flexible and adapted to each day but aligned with your intention and program devised.

You receive your own private online folder of personalised resources.

Your Intention & Practice

Key to the process of working with Nid is your intention. This can be ‘get fit’ or ‘discover my intuition’.

She will craft your personalised program using a blend of:

Functional fitness, Pilates, Yoga, meditation, breath work, yoga nidra, Reiki healing, Tarot reading, Soul Realignment profiling and Law of Attraction guidance.

You just agree at the outset the number of months and hours that you can commit to. Nid will update and change sessions according to your energy, mood, life events and more. Homework? It’s short and easy!

Soul Realignment

Why work with Nid?

Discover your Soul's gifts that make you shine. Learn more about your current karmic patterns that are holding you back. Be aware to change your choices and action for your best life. 

Soul Realignment is a specific modality that reads from your Akashic Record (Google database for souls) to see what current karma your soul wants you to work through and release.

Designed in 2 sessions, you are provided your full profile and current karma patterns. You discuss practices, life changes and choices that you can make to clear this karma. Simple homework is provided.

This is a simple and effective option if you are feeling ‘stuck’. Combined with Nid’s movement teaching you can make great leaps towards a changing your life into the one that you want.

  • Prevent injuries with better physical alignment and posture

  • Post-rehabilitation for injuries and ongoing health issues

  • Rediscover your fitness and physical health

  • Get a Positive Mindset

  • Feel and Be Supported

  • Get Confidence in your Intuition

  • Be Empowered in Your Decision Making

  • Be Accountable to Yourself

  • Improved Feeling of Wellbeing

  • Heal Energetic Blocks of the Subtle Body

  • Commercially minded business support for new careers and ventures