At Home with Nid

An intuitive Nid delivers mind, body & soul training for body, mind, energy and more.

Her blended approach is simple, fun and gets results because it responds to you.

Get motivated, disciplined, commit to you whilst enjoying the process.

She will always bring a smile to your face.

Nid’s Services include

How Nid works

Her method is simple:

  1. What is your intention and the timeframe? This can be ‘get fit’ , ‘discover my intuition’ or ‘I need some healing’.

  2. Nid designs a personalised program to match mixing the skills appropriate for you. She reviews this with you until we both agree it will support you.

  3. You commit and turn up to private online sessions with Nid. Sessions respect your energy, mood and life events but always aligned with your intention and program devised. Homework? It’s short and easy!

You receive your own private online folder of personalised resources.

Choose from:

Why work with Nid?

Prevent injuries with better physical alignment and posture

  • Post-rehabilitation for injuries and ongoing health issues

  • Rediscover your fitness and physical health

  • Get a Positive Mindset

  • Feel and Be Supported

  • Get Confidence in your Intuition

  • Be Empowered in Your Decision Making

  • Be Accountable to Yourself

  • Improved Feeling of Wellbeing

  • Heal Energetic Blocks of the Subtle Body

  • Commercially minded business support for new careers and ventures

Nid mostly works online, so it is convenient for you and in the comfort of your own space.

Simple Pricing: Time Blocks

To keep your choices open and maximise working with Nid, payment is in her time. Then you can choose what you need for your session with flexibility.

Want value for money? The more time you buy, the more you save!