At Home Yoga Therapy with Molly

Only offered in London due to the home visit aspect of Molly's offering. 



Yoga Therapy In Person

Yoga therapy applies bespoke yoga practices as an intervention to the client's health challenge; in order to meet the individual needs of the client in a holistic way - as such the therapy will address the health condition  but will also address with the client's relationship to it.

Designed for use over 4-8 weeks where Molly meets the client in person for x4 90 minute sessions, with the client practising independently - as guided by the therapist between sessions (note and audio recordings will be provided). At each session there will be time given for consultation and discussion around how the practise is working and it will be updated as required. 

Total of 6 hours of therapy divided into: 
4x 90 minute in person session at the client's home or a studio space. 

Yoga Therapy Online + in person

Designed for use over 4-8 weeks where Molly meets the client in person first, and then has x2 online sessions where the therapist guides, supervises and reviews the client's home practise with them, before meeting again in person to spend more time noting progress towards goals and amending the practise to suit the client moving forwards. 

Total of 5 hours of therapy divided into: 
2x 90 minute in person yoga therapy sessions (at the start and end)
2x 60 minute online yoga sessions to checkin and review client's home practise & progress between in person sessions.