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Happiness is an inside job - own it!





Life can be confusing, chaotic and challenging. Sometimes that means we all neglect the most important thing; YOU! Taking time to mindfully care for our wellbeing is crucial.

Through our personalised Wellbeing at Home programs we empower you to take charge of your own health and happiness.  

Our clients come to us with a myriad of psychological and physical ailments like the examples below.

Through our mixed range of movement, meditation, coaching and energy work we curate a bespoke program to cultivate a more balanced approach to life for YOU!

We are holistic and science rooted in our work.  We take a flexible yet structured approach to support our clients.



Omega Movement Wellbeing at Home is a bespoke program which is personalised to suit your needs and circumstances. Better still, all of our services can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.  

We are bespoke, because you are unique


Why  us?


You tried the gym, online yoga  subscriptions and still struggle to get to your mat?

You need Omega Movement Wellbeing at Home!

We Fit with your schedule and location

A bespoke program which is personalised to suit YOUR needs and circumstances. Better still, all of our services can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home or on the road if you travel.  

Our services include all our modalities that we offer in person, live online, and online on-demand, these include one-to-one private classes, themed-specific online classes, online mentoring, coaching, healing and ongoing support sessions, which help you to:

Commit to your teacher and they inspire you

choice of mind-body practices to suit your goals and needs



we empower and support you to live with joy 

  • Live Mindfully

  • Take responsibility for your wellbeing

  • Create a healthier work/life balance

  • Build mental fitness and emotional resilience

  • Reduce stress and its related ailments

  • Learn tools to find calm and strength in adversity

  • Relax, feel energised and rejuvenated

  • Enjoy your body and feel good in it

  • Give time to nurture you!


Clients Stories

I have trained for many different sports over the years, but it was not until I started yoga and pilates with Omega Movement that I began to learn what proper movement is. It has been a journey of discovery, undoing past injuries, preventing new ones and getting stronger and more flexible along the way. It has required a shift in mindset – this is not a competitive endeavour – but if you think that means it’s easy you are quite mistaken!  ~ Aidan, London


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We are bespoke, because you are unique

The Omega Movement Wellbeing at Home allows you to create a monthly wellbeing program that fits you.  

Select from our pre-made Programs or BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION to create your bespoke Wellbeing at Home Program.

Science and spiritual texts have proven that it takes at least 30-40 days to genuinely embed a habit and make a life change. All packages and programs require a minimum of 2 months commitment. This is for YOU!



We offer mind-body classes in yoga, Pilates, mediation, massage, mentoring and energy healing

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At Home Wellbeing Programs


Yoga Therapy (A)

£525 for 2 month program (in person)

Yoga therapy applies bespoke yoga practices as an intervention to the client's health challenge; in order to meet the individual needs of the client in a holistic way - as such the therapy will address the health condition  but will also address with the client's relationship to it.

Designed for use over 4-8 weeks where the therapist meets the client in person for x4 90 minute sessions, with the client practising independently - as guided by the therapist between sessions (note and audio recordings will be provided). At each session there will be time given for consultation and discussion around how the practise is working and it will be updated as required. 

Total of 6 hours of therapy divided into: 
4x 90 minute in person session at the client's home or a studio space. 


Yoga Therapy (B)

£425 for 2 month program (online & in person)

Designed for use over 4-8 weeks where the therapist meets the client in person first, and then has x2 online sessions where the therapist guides, supervises and reviews the client's home practise with them, before meeting again in person to spend more time noting progress towards goals and amending the practise to suit the client moving forwards. 

Total of 5 hours of therapy divided into: 
2x 90 minute in person yoga therapy sessions (at the start and end)
2x 60 minute online yoga sessions to checkin and review client's home practise & progress between in person sessions.

Transformation Program

£550 for 4 month program

Get excited about change in your life!  Be empowered through your through changes in life, whether through choice or not. You will get clear what is aligned for you, to trust your intuition and make positive choices to enjoy your life. 

Over 4 months with 8 hours of intuitive mixed-practice coaching that brings movement, meditation, energy healing, tarot readings and mentoring conversations that guide you  in the present moment to your highest self.



Soul Realignment

£170 for 2 hours in 1 month

Discover your Soul's gifts that make you shine. Learn more about your current karmic patterns that are holding you back. Be aware to change your choices and action for your best life.  Read from your Akashic Record you will be guided through current changes to make in your life. 

Nid prepares a full report to discuss over a 90 minute session with a check-in 28 days later. Homework is living consciously! 


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