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Our At Home service is a bespoke program which is personalised to suit your needs and circumstances. 

Our Workplace Wellbeing services offer proactive solutions to common work place challenges. 

Our retreats are the perfect platform for you to learn the tools you need to live an abundant, fulfilled, happy and joyful life.


Why choose us? 

We listen

We are bespoke

We create flexible programmes

We empower you

We support you

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Who are we?

'We' are Nid & Molly. We work together to support individuals' wellbeing journeys At Home, At Work or On Retreat.

Nid offers Pilates, yoga, Soul Realignment, mentoring, energy healing and massage.

Molly offers yoga and yoga therapy.

Collaborations: We also work with a range of other brilliant wellbeing teachers, therapists and healers to offer you a huge selection of practices and treatments to choose from.  We are growing these partners around the world. 



Our practice started out with me learning to breathe correctly. It was as basic as that - much of certain painful body experience was the result of me not breathing properly from the abdomen as we all should. We slowly built up from there, until Nid had designed a complete body workout for me which is achievable, easy to remember and only takes 20 minutes of my time whenever I choose to practise.
— Bridget
The goals of the therapy were to feel less full in my belly, as well as reduce discomfort. I found that after the first session alone I was able to alleviate bloating with slow, deep low belly breathing. I now have go-to poses to help on days where I am feeling full, and on days where I’m feeling delicate.
— Claire
I can’t thank you both enough for the last few days. Truly A-Ma-Zing darlings! 10/10
It has been surprisingly and extraordinarily relaxing and rewarding. I felt engaged and interested throughout, while being able to completely turn off and enjoy my time in supportive company of a diverse bunch of people. I spent 3 months working up to this and getting excited, and you both delivered beyond all expectations. Thank you so so much!
— Paul

Unsure? Request a call

ALL our services come with a free 30 minute consultation. You can have this before you or after you buy your chosen package. 

The consultation will help define the best practices for you, agree your needs and intentions for the program. 

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